2 May 2016

hi this a factual account of a meet we had.

After a lot of talking and trying to convince my wife that i really would enjoy watching her fuck other guys ,we finally decided

to just take a look at the on line swinging scene.

After looking through a few contacts we narrowed it down to 2 or 3.nothing specifically in mind just some one we thought we could have a reasonable encounter with,after several conversations on the phone we invited him to our house (eventually we invited them all individually)

Now i love to take pics and video's so on the day we were expecting John? i had set the camera up facing the settee and plugged in to the tv,The knock came just a few mins after the scheduled time and i answered the door to a smart guy bearing gifts (a bottle of wine and some flowers for sue?)He came through to the living room where sue was sitting on the settee,both there eyes widened as they saw each other for the 1st time (at 55 sue still looked fantastic she is a size 12 and has a great figure and gorgeous green eyes she was wearing a figure hugging white woollen type midi dress black hold ups and red 6" heels,after chatting for a while and sampling the wine the atmosphere was now getting electric .

I turned the cam on showing the pair on tv,with a little prompting they started to kiss and touch each other slowly they started to undress each other.

Sue was very nearly naked now as she started to take down John's trousers, and then there it was the biggest cock i had ever seen Sue looked faint for a moment as she stared at this one eyed monster (her face on the video is a sight to behold as she gazed at it }she managed to get the bulbous head into her mouth dribbling spittle down the length of his shaft.both are naked now and really getting in to the mood,all thoughts of me obliterated in a pique of passion, John now licking the shaven pussy of Sue is on pc cam on S H with over a 1,000 viewers watching as he now slips his huge cock into Sues soaking wet pussy, she is lifting her pussy up off the settee to meet his thrusts as he pumps his 10" ? cock slowly in and out (the pings from the site are going ape as he fucks her)he now turns her over and lubes her arse wow what a sight as he teases his huge cock into her managing to get most of it in as she is now going crazy after floods and floods of come run out of her.John stayed over at ours but that's for another time