Written by Stu

14 Oct 2009

This happened a few yeas ago at a motorway services on he M62 in the North West that has since closed, those that have frequented it will know where I mean, well anyway I\'d been visiting there for a few years and always found it to be quite good for cock though I\'d only ever sucked guys off and been sucked off but this night was different.

I\'d been working late in a nearby town and the time was gone midnight but on my way home I\'d decided to nip in on the off chance of getting mouth full of cock, I pulled up in the car park and then walked upto the toilets, when I got in looked around and at first didn\'t think anyone was about but then I noticed a door move at the far cubicle, without delay I went to the urinal closest and started to look around- at that point he opended the door and then just stood there with not a stitch on, I looked him up and down and without further ado I went straight in and started sucking his lovely big cock.

I did this for about ten minutes until he turned round and ordered me to rim his hole- though I didn\'t need much persuasion, by now I was horny as fuck and ready to do anything so I stripped off myself and the two of us stood totally naked in the toilets. he then pulled out some Lube and asked if he could fuck my hole but as a bit of a turn on he wanted to do it in the main toilets rather than the cubicle, well as I said I was up for anything so I simply walked out into the main toilets and then bent over ready for his lovely cock. I used vibrators regularly so it went in nice and easy. He\'d been fucking my hole for about five minutes and we had got so carried away we hadn\'t noticed the audience we had built up of four other guys one of whom had the biggest cock I had ever seen, two of the guys where wanking each other before they all came over to me while I was being fucked and one after the other shoved their cocks into my mouth.

After I had stopped being fucked by the original guy they all one after the other fucked me but saved the big guy til last, by now I was nice and loose and ready for his cock, he put it in nice and steady but was soon fucking me nice and hard somewhat surprised I could take his full length, the others by now where wanking each other and one after the other shot there load over my face, back and in my mouth before i felt a last hard jerk in my hole as that big cock shot it\'s load deep in my hole. Being it was a services and all it was very risky and also took me about twenty minutes to clean the cum that I hadn\'t swallowed from by face and body, by the time I was done I had had fve different cocks in me and five loads of cum- an experience I\'d love too repeat!.