Written by wily boy

15 May 2016

I had finished work very late and was going into a 24 hour shop to get some late groceries. It was a short sharp visit, or so i thought as I gathered my requirements and was about to make my way to the till when i noticed a lovely girl leaning over some new stock as she was filling shelves. Nothing that unusual but I saw her overall was riding very high and I could see some stocking top. As an avid stocking fan I decided I would take a further look around and revisit the aisle where she was working alone. In seconds I was there and saw the girl continuing to refill the depleted shelves. A few other workers were doing similar jobs in other aisles but none of them had the allure of this girl, about mid twenties and beautiful legs but the shapeless overall did nothing to reveal any further excitement for me. i hung back and she saw me and smiled. I grinned back and thought 'In for a penny' I closed in to her and smiled again and said that she was gorgeous.and that I could not help noticing her lovely legs. i said I hoped I was not offending her by saying this. she said she was not upset or offended but she found it far more hygienic to not to get too hot when working. I asked what time she finished and she said that she got off at four that morning because she was filling in for a friend who was at a party for her sister who was going to Australia and she owed her a favour.

I said that was a huge pity because I was going to be unable to sleep that night after such a heavenly sight. she blushed a little and grinned at me again. I said I would love to speak to her again and wondered if she might like a coffee next afternoon. She said she was working the next night from six but would meet for a drink at the well known chain coffee bar across the car park if i wanted.

I bid her goodnight having discovered her name was Alice and left the store with my food. I met her next day and found she had recently broken up with a boyfriend and we got on very well. I invited her out for a drink that weekend and she accepted and gave me her mobile number, and I gave her mine. We met a few times between both our work commitments then discovered we both had the next week off. By now we had kissed a few times but this was our first proper date. Alice gave me a lovely wet kiss when we met for our date and I noticed the hint of stockings as she climbed into the car. i averted my gaze for fear of scaring her off but we were soon in the countryside and heading for the coast on a bright sunny day and the world at peace for us.

It was bloody cold at the coast so we decided to drive to a chocolate box type village a few miles inland where we found a pub. We got a drink and sat in the sun kissing and talking low, finding out each other's life stories. We got round to late afternoon and the food smelt fabulous coming from the pub. i asked if she would like to eat and she accepted. Alice was wearing a dress with a button up front and the hem finished four inches or so above the knee. i had been feasting on her mid thigh for most of the day but I was amazed when we sat in the pub in its restaurant and sh sat next to me and her hem had pulled high enough to see her stocking tops. She leaned close and said 'I know you like stockings so don't be shy' My face must have said it all. A gorgeous girl giving me a promise of more fun to come. We ordered and ate with me getting kisses and hugs and nudges as we enjoyed our food, her hand drifted across my lap a few times and I knew she had detected my stiff cock. This was almost too good to be true and I thought back to the night in the supermarket when i saw her lovely legs for the first time. We had finished our meal and were now consuming each other. Alice looked at me and said how much she had loved the day then floored me when she whispered to me 'They do rooms here you know' I thought I was hearing things but her wicked smile told me I had heard correctly her hand slid meaningfully across my crotch and squeezed gently as she looked in my eyes and nodded. I was up and across to the bar in a flash and asked if they had any vacancies. the barmaid smiled and said yes as it was Monday and i booked one immediately, en suite of course and ridiculously well priced as it was very early season. I signed and Alice and I went to the room to make sure it was what we wanted, trying to look nonchalant and even married but the barmaid had seen through us and said we should be comfortable.

We were left in the room and alone for the first time. Alice and I kissed for ages then lay on the bed and played with each other over our clothes. I found her stocking tops and suspender belt and a wet patch on her knickers, she was mewing and sighing as she rubbed my rampant prick. We teased and loved each other almost too scared of exposing each other yet dying to do so. eventually Alice stood up and unbuttoned the dress slowly, teasing me like nobody had for years. I was somewhat older than her, thirty nine and her twenty three but I was head over heels for her. Her dress hit the floor and she turned her back on me and looked out the window while i watched her. She stood in her matching underwear and turned to me. 'You like?' she asked. 'Beautiful' was all I could manage. 'i like being naughty' she said 'I love you being naughty' I added. 'I must tell you I like showing myself to people, like I did to you that night we met' I said I found her very arousing then she asked if I would get angry if she did it to anyone else, effectively flashing her body' I said I found her mesmerising but I had no jurisdiction over her. She smiled at that then asked if I would like to be her lover. I replied that I was hoping we could become intimate if she did and her grin and resultant answer told me she was very special. She said she had to tell me she liked flashing and that she would also like sex with other guys but she would not get involved with me if I could not handle that. I said that sounded like a promising start to a lovely relationship as I was not the jealous type and that i loved the idea of a woman having the type of sexual freedom usually taken for granted by single guys.

Thus our relationship began in earnest. To start with she removed her bra and I saw her lovely young breasts with firm pale nipples sticking out. She stayed close to the window, ,looking down to the car park and suddenly said 'There is a guy getting out of his car, I am going to stand here and flash my body, do you mind. I took my stiff cock from my trousers and showed her and said 'Does it look like I mind as I stayed on the bed. 'This is going to be fun' she said. 'He has noticed me, he's seen my tits, can I flash my pussy?' My cock gave a mighty twitch and I sort of croaked a yes. The window was rather low, just coming about up to her knees as they do in ancient properties. Alice was now fully facing the window only a couple of feet away so anyone looking up could have no doubt that the beautiful woman was intending that anybody looking up was being invited to see her. 'He can see my bush now, I am glad I trimmed it this morning' Her hands drew the small panties down and she stepped out of them and stood full square in the middle of the window open legged and exposing her cunt to a complete stranger. She stayed with her pussy exposed for a full minute or so it felt. I had got off the bed and stripped my clothes ready to fuck this gorgeous naughty girl. She turned and saw me and giggled and came to me. 'God that was fun, I might go down to the bar later and see if he is down there, if you don't mind?' All I could say was 'You are my dream, you can if you want because i would love you to be naughty any way you want, I trust you even so early in our relationship and I admire your honesty' or words like that, all I know is that i hit the right buttons for her and she jumped on me in a trice and we fucked in a frenzy for the very first time.

As ever, first fucks are usually very short lived and this was no exception but a bareback first ever screw was mind blowing and we were ecstatic as she lay leaking my cum from her pussy. I lay playing with her filled lips and she said how satisfied she was with our consummation of our new love. I looked at her lovely body and said I could hardly believe my luck with such a gorgeous girl and that i would be proud to be with her for as long as she wanted. She laughed and said 'You never know we might even marry, but not for a while, we have a lot of fun to have first', then she was up and stripped her stockings and sussies off and went to the bathroom for a shower.

Soon she was clean and dry. We kissed and talked as she dressed and excitedly said what she was about to do. This seemed surreal, from years of being a happily single guy all of a sudden I had met the most intriguing girl who had swept me off my feet and turned me upside down. But I was all for it for as long as it would last, as I had this nagging idea this would not last for ever. She dressed again and talked excitedly as though she had been given the secret of life, but she was also strangely very drawn to me as she continued to play with my cock, which had stayed hard and not gone unnoticed by Alice. As she went to the door, she removed her tiny panties and threw them to me then said look after them till I get back' she said she would text me if anything happened and she would ring if she wanted any help.

With that she was out of the door and I held her black lacy panties to my nose and inhaled her wonderful aroma. It was getting dark when she text me saying to look out the window in a few minutes as the man was going to take her down the end of the car park where there were some trees and they were going to have fun. Now I was in a mess, my cock grew another inch or so it felt, my excitement as this woman i was rapidly falling in love with was going to get fucked by a guy she had only met an hour or so before. i wanted to see more, much more, my Alice taking another cock, but I did not want to blow it so soon so decided to honour her privacy. (little did I know then that she would be my wife and I would become fully involved in threesomes and all kinds of fabulous sexy fun with her ever after).

I watched as they strolled across the car park and into the dusk, there were only a few cars parked up and I learned later that they were all in the restaurant eating and she and her quarry were sitting in a window alcove talking dirty to each other for most of the time. She had flashed her pussy again while in the pub and nodded eagerly when he asked if he could fuck her. I saw them disappear into the small thicket at the far end of the car park and aparantly she was naked in seconds, her dress and bra thrown across a picnic bench while she sucked his cock and allowed him to be the second lucky cock deep in her trimmed pussy that day. I kept looking down towards the woodland and saw them slowly returning to the pub with Alice doing up the buttons as she neared the lights so i knew she had been a naughty girl for the first time as my new partner and I was very proud. Proud my woman was happy to have her body used by another guy, proud to be a sexy girl for herself as well as me.

This relationship has continued and we still have fun using SH as our mode of contact. Yes we have been let down at times but that is the risk of the game, but Alice has had fun many more times than not and she has been well appreciated by many a cock. The end of it is I just thank my lucky stars I took that extra chance to see that lovely woman that night at the supermarket and that open honesty has prevailed and we still love each other and she still has other men to continue to satisfy her as well as me. I will perhaps give you a few more accounts of experiences down the years since that day in 1989