Written by kev

12 Nov 2008

You know how hard it is to dry towels in winter, well last weekend we had about 11 or so towels all needing washing at the same time, bloody kids right, well anyway the wife was moaning about how she was going to get all the towels washed and dried on top of our usual washing.

In summer it\'s easy all on the line but winter is a different story,so i said shall i throw them all in a bag and go to the laundrette stick em in the washer wait for them then straight in to the big dry they have and they\'d all be done in an hour or so might cost a fiver but takes the headache out of the job, Great she said she could get on with the other washing while i was away. So i grabbed the towels and a book and off i popped easy.

The laundrette is only round the corner from us well about 5 mins in the car it, was sunday morning and nobody was in so i loaded up the washer worked out where to put the powder stuck the money in and settled down to read my book no problem.

About 10/15 mins when past when a middle aged couple come in who ive seen in the pub he nodded while she started loading the machine i took little notice but heard him say how long and she replied pick me up at 11.30, he nodded at me on the way out and she put money in 2 machines and sat down with a magazine,

it was hot in the place and i stood up to take my jumper off and she said good idea this place is always sticky and she took her coat off and sat back down,

After a short while my washer finished so i started unloading the machine and putting them in the dry, she stood up and said i can tell your new to this your better off shaking them first and folding them that way the will dry quicker and not be as crumpled, here let me help you and she came over and started getting the towels out and told me to take hold of the other end,

She is in her 50s but looked great and had a red blouse on open at the front showing her necklace which lowered in to her cleavage she looked over dressed for a sunday morning laundrette run she had a black skirt and stockings on but flattish shoe\'s.

As we folded the towels she said ive seen you in the new inn have\'nt i and i said yes i sort of know your chap well to say hello to anyway, so we started small talk while folding, i said you seem over dressed for the laundrette and she said thankyou but i always dress up on a sunday it\'s sort of a custom in our hosehold, so i said well you look lovely anyway and thankyou for helping me.

in the laundrette ther is a vending machine in sort of a corner on it\'s own you can\'t see the window from it and you are kind of hidden from the main area, I asked her if i could get her a coffee as athankyou and she said yes please so i went round the corner to the machine but didn\'t quite know how to work it or which coffe she wanted cos there was loads, So i shouted do you know how this thing works.

She came over and stood behind me really close i could feel her boobs on my back i\'m sure, i had joggers on and loose boxers and my cock started to twinge and grow, she reached round me and started to push the buttons while i put money in, but she was really close and her hair was rubbing against my face, i could smell her scent and my cock was getting hard and i couldn\'t hide it cos it was beginning to stick out.any way the coffee dropped and i bent down to get the cup when she just reached round and got hold of my dick over my joggers, whats all this about then she said in my ear, fucking hell i replied what you doing, never mind what i\'m doing she said what are you going to do with that, and she started rubbing my cock up and down so i pushed back in to her chest with my back and reached round with my hand to encourage her, which to be honest she didn\'t need she put her other hand under my t shirt and straight down to my bare cock then dragged me round to face her. sod it i thought and pulled down my joggers and shorts and let her see my dick,

She stood back and gasped, wow she said how big is that, 7.5 ish but who gives a shit don\'t stop wanking me i said, with that she knelt down and put her lips on my bell end and flicked my eye with her tongue, her legs were bent fully and open and i could she had red knickers on so i pulled away and said sorry but knickers off first so i can see your pussy, she stood up pulled her skirt up and took her knickers off and gave them to me so i smelled them then she went back to kneeling and and sucked my cock like mad.

Her pussy was real hairy and her knickers were wet so slipped mt trainer off of the right foot with my left and rubbed her pussy with my toe

Fucking hell she went wild on my dick sucking and wanking like mad and with her other hand she really sqeezed my balls tight, my big toe was in her pussy now and she was pushing on to it with her hips,

I was getting the urge to shoot but wanted to taste her pussy and the door was open to the laundrette so anyone could come in at anytime, i thought this does not happen in the real world and if i want to taste her lips i better get on with it so i pulled away and pushed her against the machine and drop to my knees to tongue fuck her cunt christ she tasted nice she moaned with pleasure then slipped a shoe off and rubbed my cock with her stocking clad foot i fingered her pussy and and felt further under foe her ass hole she turned to face the machine and said put it in now,

Up i got and she bent over my head insticktly bent forward so i could rim her ass and pussy from behind, then all of a sudden the door opened shit we must have made l;oads of noise getting out stuff back on frantic not to be caught my cock was sticking straight out and my face was wet with her juice, she got her self sort of straight and went round the corner while i waited for my hard on to die down.

When i went back to my seat there was an old lady sat between me and the woman but after a couple of minutes she went round the corner to the machine the woman came over and said quietly I want you and will after find away of us finishing off what we started, I agreed and said we\'ll work it out, she said come back to the laundrette tonight at 9ish when it\'s dark the place is locked up but we could und the back, I told her i could tonight cos i\'m out but next time i see her out i will arrange to meet cos her ass and pussy is so fuckable.