Written by Kevin

9 Jan 2019

This happened just before Christmas. Laura, my wife was out supposedly shopping when unbeknown to me, she gave a lover she has had a few times, a second chance to redeem himself after a previous very vanilla visit. I called him a lover but really anyone else she goes with are bulls. I’ll clarify that because she doesn’t want love from them only raw, roughish, hard sex. Well, things went better for all this time.

I was at home, we had family staying. So while she was out, she sent me a text which read this. "I kinda ended up seeing somebody that I had seen before, but I got a kiss for you that you might like!" Thoughts went through my mind of what could it be. It was a long 20 minute wait before she got home. Once she was inside she dragged me aside to the kitchen, away from the others and gave me the deepest kiss. She sucked as much of my tongue into her mouth as physically possible. There was a distinct hint of cum flavour to it. She quickly explained that she had met Michael, new bull again and that he had came in her mouth while she was deep-throating him. Believe me, she can deep throat, she’s an expert.

"Can you taste it?" she asked. I kissed her deeply again like I was trying to reach back into time through her mouth and taste his dick myself. I squeezed her breasts while I was sucking her tongue. Laura moved my hands down to her crotch, and whispered in my ear, "He had me in all my holes." I looked at her taken aback. "All of them," she repeated. "I need to go wash off, I'm still a bit gooey from the lube."

"You're still lubed?" I asked. I was amazed, dumbfounded and excited."Oh,Yes, I am very sticky. I thought you might like that!" Her beautiful face was grinning and looking at me with love. She knows that it drives me wild when she does this naughty stuff.

I dragged her from the kitchen towards the back door. The others in the house were in the lounge and no one definitely could see us. I turned her around, she stuck out her arse demurely as I reached down the back of her pants, and I ran my finger up her slickened arse-crack. I immediately pulled down her panties. I opened my fly to release my cock and moved to try to get my hard-on inside her. "Don't you get us caught," she told me. I came to my senses and stopped. "Lets go upstairs. Now!" she whispered.

I went up first. She picked up some things she had bought and joined me in the bedroom. We ripped off our clothes and she crawled onto the bed. She lay with her arse up for my inspection. She was very wet and flushed. I wanted to eat her so bad but I couldn't hold back one second more and I mounted her. It's never like the pornos, is it? After a bit of awkward fumbling ("Here?" "No, too high." "Now?" "Nope, up a bit... there!") I have arse fucked her before many times but never after someone else. So, for the first time in our 11 years together I'm balls deep in her gorgeous arse and I am the second one for the day!

"He made some room for me I see." I said. She was so slippery.

"He's not really that much bigger than you, sweety." I must have felt good for her too as she pushed back and made gasping noises.

"What did you guys do?" I asked as I pounded her arse. She didn’t or couldn’t answer so I slowed. She told me that he had laid her on his bed, had got on top of her, and fucked her throat while he licked her. It was a 69, except she didn’t really suck him as he rammed his cock in hard and throated her.

"How did he taste?" I panted.

"Sweeter than you, baby!" Her words were so stimulating as I took my pleasure with my cock in her arse. She went on to tell me that he filled her mouth and throat with cum and she swallowed and kept sucking him before he pulled out.

She said he didn’t go very soft and he was soon ready to go again. She then said "He rolled me over like am now and fucked my pussy from behind for a good while. Then he lubed me up and shoved his cock in my arse!” She was plainly getting more excited telling me what happened. She then said, “How does it feel? Do like fucking me in the arse like Michael did?” Before I could answer, she said, “but you don't have to wear a condom like he did. Fucking, cum in my arse, baby!"

I immediately had the longest lasting, most exquisite orgasm I've had in ages as I just flat-out ejaculated my soul into the woman I love's arsehole. I collapsed next to her and caught my breath.

"Get my buzzer and finger my pussy, it's my turn!" she commanded. I grabbed her electric lover and got to work on her g-spot as she stimulated herself by rubbing to a couple of smaller orgasms. "I want my toy now!" So, I grabbed the little stainless steel Njoy. It’s a u shaped stainless steel wand that we acquired recently. It reaches and rubs her g spot perfectly and I continued my manipulations of her clit. I was busy, she was moaning and then I felt my hand get hot and wet suddenly as the squishy sounds of her pussy increased in volume as it does when I know she's squirting. Her outer labia are very plump and plushy. She was just getting wetter and fluid was everywhere. Her whole body was shaking as she had one mega-orgasm.

She looked at me and gasped "I feel like there's one more big one there, so don’t stop. Just keep going". Her face was so beautiful, she was smiling, she was satiated. It only took a few minutes and her body rocked again. She then pushed my hand s away.

We lay and chatted a bit and I kiss her passionately and told her how much I loved her. She told me that she had decided to give Michael one more chance. As I said their previous meeting, which was their second had been very average. He simply fucked her mostly for his own enjoyment, not what she looks for in a bull. He had been texting her asking to meet and when she finally agreed, she told him that it had to be good or he would never see him again. She kissed me again and said that he definitely redeemed himself and she would go back. I could only agree.

I went downstairs while she stayed in the bed. She said, "I'll be down in a minute." Later she told me that she frigged herself to two more orgasms after I left her. She was still excited.

I come back up stairs to check on her. She's had a shower and is lying on the bed naked, flipping through porn photos on her phone. She showed me and said "Michael's kinda like this one, but not as thin." Then she shows me a decent sized dick. "Hmm, now this is more like it”. I can see why she likes him. He definitely has a cock to be proud of.

It’s too much and I grab her

"Whaaaat?!" she asks smiling. "Oh god, no! Again?" she's exasperated as I spread her legs open and dive onto her pussy, burrowing my tongue past her puffy pussy lips to her clit. She moaned as I feasted on her fleshy sex. "No, I don't want to take another shower," she whispered playfully.

I kept eating. "So you still like my pussy” she asks. I answer her by growling and trying to swallow her entire cunt.

This isn’t some made up story where we have sex four more times. We're fairly knackered. She has cum so many times, but I have to have her again. I want my cock in her pussy. She wants it to, she likes that I want her even more after she has been with a bull.

It’s not a fantastic fuck be any means. But she is my wife, her lover and filling her pussy with my sperm is special for both of us. Michael and others get to have her body but not her heart. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

She showered once again and I went downstairs to join the others. Laura came down. It was time for a drink and to relax. We were ready for Christmas but I had already had my best present.