Written by Pervs memoirs

30 Apr 2015

Laura’s night

Hopefully most of you will have already read two previous stories I have posted about the fun my ex wife Debbie and I had (First Time and Watching). This also completely true story is a little different as I am telling it purely as Debbie told me when she got home in the morning as I wasn’t there for the events of that night. I will tell how it began and then tell you what Debbie repeated to me.

Debbie was still in her early twenties when this occurred and she was probably the nearest thing to a nymphomaniac I ever met. She didn’t mind who she had sex with and I certainly enjoyed the benefits of that. The only thing that frustrated her was that she it had been a number of years since she had been with another girl and it was obviously something she had loved before we met. She had told me that she had fumbled with a number of girlfriends when she was young and enjoyed some really good girl on girl sex through her teenage years. I met her when she was 21.

To give you a good example of how sexually active my wife was, we were at a friends weeding once when Debbie started giggling. I asked her what was funny and she whispered in my ear that she had just realized that she had at one time or another slept with the groom, the best man, the bride, the chief bridesmaid and she also admitted she had given the brides father a hand job although she was a bit vague how that had come about.

So here we are a number of years later and my wife was missing the taste of pussy, so we both kept an eye out for any opportunity. It took a few months to find a good opportunity but we were out to dinner with a large group one night when one of the girls was accused of sleeping with another one of the girls who wasn’t there that night. At first she denied it and then the drink or pressure got the better of her and she simply said, yes so, what, it felt nice so why not. As she was peppered with questions from the rest of our group, Debbie and I exchanged a knowing look. Laura was small and fit and very hot, just what Debbie was longing for.

Only two nights later my sex mad wife had arranged a night out for just her and Laura. I watched her get dressed and saw her off at the door, so from here on in I am repeating what Debbie told me in the early hours of the next morning and following night.

Debbie met Laura at a bar in the centre of Milton Keynes and they spent a few hours drinking and flirting with a fair number of guys. They ended up going back to Laura’s house with two guys. When they got in Laura made coffee and it was obvious the guys fancied there chances. Laura and one guy were snogging on the sofa and Debbie and the one she had paired off with were on the floor. Bare in mind here that Debbie’s total focus that night was to get off with Laura, not some random guy she picked up in a bar. So with her goal focused on the prize she got the guy’s cock out and wanked him until he spurted a wad of cum across Laura’s carpet. AS they cleaned up, Debbie said she nearly came watching Laura swallow a load of spunk form the other guy. Having cum the two guys weren’t too upset and being kicked out and sent on their way home (probably tot heir wives)

So Debbie and Laura settled down at either end of the sofa. Laura had jeans on and Debbie very deliberately placed her foot firmly between Laura’s thighs as they drank a glass of wine and chatted. Slowly Debbie began to gently mover her foot and apply more pressure to the crotch of Laura’s jeans as she did so. She knew Laura must know what she was doing but not a word was said. After about fifteen minutes of gentle but obvious manipulation Laura’ sighed and simply said “that’s nice”. That was the moment Debbie knew she had got her and was going to get into her friends knickers.

They got up and went to the kitchen, got more wine but this time when they came back to the lounge they lay on the floor side by side but head to toe, Debbie’s head near Laura’s feet and vice versa. Debbie didn’t hesitate at this point, she simply slipped her hand under Laura’s top, into the waist band of her jeans, straight into the top of her knickers and moments later had a two fingers caressing Laura’s wet slit. Laura lay her head back and let Debbie finger her, Debbie didn’t undo Laura’s jeans, she simply found her clit and fingered it for several minutes while Laura’ sighed moaned, whimpered and eventually hollered as her first orgasm made her hips thrust up to meet my wife’s delicate fingers.

As Laura’s orgasm subsided Debbie undid the girls jeans and pulled them down over her hips along with her soaking little panties. Kneeling up on all fours between Laura’s thighs, Debbie bent her head down and plunged her tongue into the wetness she had already created and licked Laura to a second orgasm. As she did so she plunged her own fingers into her sopping knickers and frigged her own pussy to a gorgeous orgasm. It didn’t take long for Laura to cum a second time and when she had finished Debbie moved herself up Laura’s body and the two girls kissed passionately, Laura even licking all over Debbie’s chin and nose to taste her juices which were smeared across my sweet wife’s pretty face. By this time Debbie was desperate to be paid some attention by Laura and she rolled on to her back and pulled Laura with her, she literally pushed Laura’s head down and guided her to her pussy and laid back in total ecstasy as Laura proceeded to lick her pussy and occasionally even flick her tongue into Debbie’s sweet little arse, Debbie was loving it, she loves her arse getting a little attention, sometimes she likes a lot.

Debbie pulled Laura’s head hard against her pussy and thrust up to meet the tongue which was lapping her clit, she tried hard to hold her orgasm off as long as she could but she just didn’t have the control, she rarely does. She clamped her thighs around Laura’s head, pulled the girls hair to ensure her tongue stayed in place and ground her clit hard against the other girl’s mouth as she shuddered through an orgasm that seemed to go on for ever. Debbie literally road the girls face through several huge waves and so many after shocks and pulses that she lost count of time.

The two girls settled down and reached for the wine that they had poured nearly an hour earlier, Propped on elbows they laughed an chatted about sex, things they had done and particularly how much I would have liked to be a fly on the wall and watch. (I did get that pleasure more than a few times over the following few years). As they continued to chat Debbie was almost unaware that she was gently playing with her pussy until the need became too much and she started masturbating as Laura lay there and watched. Debbie said it was one of the horniest things she had done, to lay there masturbating while another girl just sits and watches, says and does nothing. Debbie had another massive orgasm and as she calmed down Laura grinned at her and simply said “very sexy”.

A half hour later, Debbie dressed and Laura headed for bed, they kissed and hugged several times before Debbie’s taxi arrived and fifteen minutes later she was coming though our front door to be met by me coming down the stairs, a huge erection despite the fact that I must have wanked five times during the evening imagining what was happening. My playful little wife laughed at my cock and I simply said “Well?” she grinned from ear to ear. “God I love the taste of pussy” she stated. Moments later she was on her knees and I was thrusting hard into her mouth and between mouthfuls and thrusts she was trying to tell me the story that I have just told you.

Hopefully you will cum as hard as I did that night :o)