Written by Laura

16 Apr 2018

Hi. I started the day getting ready and I was wearing blue skinny jeans. White socks, vans. black knickers, black bra. T shirt and a coat. I got the Bus again from my town In Cornwall. I tried to distrect myself from the vibrations and I did. (Just about) I got off the Bus in Truro. Then I walked to boota and got some new makeup. I then went to spoons for some lunch and a drink . Then all of a sudden it happend. I was sitting at the table and I could feel myself getting hot and red in the face so I thought I would go the loo to try and compose myself. I finally got to the loo after all of them stairs. I composed myself and went for a quick pee. I undone my jeans and pulled them down to my knees and my knickers to my thighs. As I pulled them down I felt and could see how wet they was. I was nearly considering taking them off it was thay bad. But I thought I would brave it and I pulled them on and done my jeans up and went back to my drink and lunch. Then it happened again. For some reason I got an urge too undo my button on my jeans trying to realse the tention. Then 5 minutes passes and I undone my zip. So i was sat at the table with my jeans undone enjoying my meal. I had my legs crossed. When no one was looking I put my hand over my jeans and started to gently rub myself through them then I noticed I could feel my jeans getting wet so I stopped and pretended to drop something to pick it up to look at my jeans and their it was a wet patch on my jeans I was mortified. However at this point it made me a little maughtier so I put my hand under my jeans feeling my oussy lips rubbing myself. It got the point that I started twictching and my pussy throbbing my clit was so hard so I finished my drink done my jeans up and went under the subway and walked past tescos car park and their is a bench behind the car park by the river. I sat their had a fag and now I look at my jeans and it looks like I peed myself so I ended up taking them off in tescos toilets and I ended up getting myself off in their too it was naughty. I left my jeans in the cubicle and was only wearing my knickers and my coat was just covering my bum and got the bus home with my knickers and bare bum.touching the seat hehehe