Written by Rob near Leeds

10 Feb 2008

On the way home the other night I was bursting for a pee so I pulled into this layby which was behind some trees and shielded from the road.

Got out went to the side and began to let the water flow.

Just about finished when another car pulled into the layby and parked a few yards behind mine then swithched the lights off.

I finished and got back into my car then saw the interior lights come on in the other one.

I watched in my mirror,the guy got out stood by the side of the grass and began to have a pee.

He kept glancing over his shoulder and took ages then it dawned on me he was wanking

I watched for a while and was sure he could see I was looking ,eventually he turned slightly so he was almost facing me.

In the bit of light from the road lights I could see hewas really giving it some action and from what I couls see he wasn't short.

I got out and strolled towards him and he turned to face me.

Without a word I closed up to him and dropping to my knees took it striaght into my mouth.

The taste of pre cum and sweat were out of this world and I sucked hard and deep cupping his balls and squeezing them.

He put his hands behind my head and pulled me hard onto his 7 or more inches making me gag, then he bagan to face fuck me hard and fast.

I felt his balls contacting and then the flood of cum hit the back of my throat as

he rammed into me for the last few thusts.

His cum went down my throat and I was still gagging on his prick as he eased off and slowly as he slackened let it slip out of my mouth.

He zipped up got into his car and within seconds had gone.

I got back in mine and sat still the taste of his cum to savour as I slowly wanked for at least the next 30 minutes before I let myself cum and finish,catching mine in my hand and sucking it off to join his.

I've been back to the layby several times since and had other encounters, but this was the first and by far the most satisfying