Written by layby fun

2 Jul 2011

Yes I invited him in and again a short wait for the urinals to clear and he came in.

I gy about 55 60 and he stood in front of me got his tackle out.

I told him to drop his slacks which he did and thn I saw his erection, 5 inches long, thin, uncut.

I drew him closer and took his prick in my hand and drew the forskin back.

I t was tight and when back his nob stood out bright red and shiny

I got close to him and found he was clean and not smelly so took him in my mouth and sucked gently

He pushed forwards and I could feel his knees trembling

I cupped his balls in one hand and put the other behind him amd probed his ring a bit.

He began to jerk, his knees almost gave way and with a long drawn out moan his prick jeked and I felt his cum throbbing out

He stood trembing until he finished then drew out, I held his cum in my mouth and watched as he wiped his prick and redressed.

He wispered that it was the first time in his life he hadbeen sucked but liked sucking others and for me to change places with him.

I stood up, he sat down and I dropped my jeans.

My 6 inches was solid and dripping pre cum.

He leaned forwards and took my in full length holding the base of my prick tight in his lips.

His left hand cupped my balls and his right went behind be and probed my ring.

His tongue worked madly round and round my prick

His finger probed deeper and his lips tightened then he bagan to move his lips up and down my shaft

Next he stopped with just my nob in his lips and used his tongue again probing the slit.

I was thrusting at him now and suddenly he took me all in again, his finger went deep into my ring and he sucked hard and fast at the same time finger fucking me

That was it I just shook as I came my load, holding his head,face fucked him hard,more or less rapeing him until I was sated.

I stilled until I slackened off and then drew out.

He lowered his mouth and sucked my balls for a few seconds then pushed me to turn round and bent me over and began to rim me.

He then stood up, came behind me and before I knew what was happening rammed his 5 inches into me in one thrust.

It hurt like hell as he went in but once in as he fucked hard and fast I got a wondefull feeling and after 20 or 30 strokes he gave a gasp and I felt him throbbing inside me.

To my suprise as he came in me I had a violent ejection again and fell forwards onto the door

As I stood there wondering what the hell had happened I felt him cleaning me up and then he started to redress

He finished, took out his wallet produced a card slipped it in my jeans pocket and was gone.

I sat down again exhausted and amazed until I gathered my wits about me, got dressed and went back to my wagon.

I can't wait for my next rip and a call in that layby.