Written by Alan

27 Jun 2008

Living near to the West Coast of Scotland, the summer months are not quite as warm as both me and Julie were used to, so last June having a hot spell was a blessing on more than one count.

Julie was lazing in the back garden wearing just a skimpy bikini top and thong, enjoying the rays. I in my shorts was keeping the supply of refreshing drinks up, and admired Julie\'s great body as I approached her feet. Her legs were slightly parted, and her pussy lips could be identified through the white material of her thong. Julie tits although small were pushing out of her top, and her nipples were very erect. Her long blond hair was tied back, and wearing large sunglasses she looked every inch the babe I had married 5 years ago.

I told her she was looking hot and that she was giving me an erection that needed her attention. Soon she said, I am just watching just now. Watching what I asked. Julie pointed, and on our neighbours roof were 2 well built builders bare chested working hard replacing roof-tiles. They looked in their early 30s, and both were very muscular and tanned.

Oh I see, I said to Julie. Hence the reason you appear flushed I said. I have been touching myself as they work, Julie replied, and I think they both saw me. They look very sweaty and hot, could you offer them a drink, Julie asked?

I approached the guys and shouted aloft. I turned to look Julie and the fingers of her right hand were indeed stroking her pussy. I\'ve left some orange squash at the base of your scaffolding should you want some. Thanks mate was the reply.

I returned to Julie and asked her if she was ready to fuck yet. Take me in when they collect their drinks she asked. My cock was straining to get inside Julie\'s cunt, but 10 minutes later the lads were on the ground swallowing the cool liquid. Julie stood up from her lounger, and in her skimpy suit strutted past the onlooking 2, and shown off her almost bare arse as she entered into the house through the patio doors. I followed behind, and on entering the kitchen I pulled Julie close into me and kissed her deeply. I felt between her thighs and her pussy was on fire and incredibly wet. Fuck me she said.

I turned her around to place her hands on the table and slid her white thong down to her ankles. My swim shorts fell to the ground and I immediately entered her from behind. My eight inch cock has always been satisfying for both myself and Julie, and watching my dick slid in and out of her as she squealed was bringing me close to cumming. Julie had always been vocal, but this afternoon she was making a lot of noise. I spanked her botty and told her that the neighbours would hear her moans. She replied, and so will the builders.

Indeed they had, and as I screwed Julie they had both moved into our garden and were at the patio doors watching us screw. Julie saw them first to her left, I noticed them just as I wiped some sweat away from my forehead. Both guys were smiling, and Julie pushed up her top and squeezed her left nipple. In a flood I came deep inside her. Julie not fully satisfied rubbed her pussy hard and fast making herself quickly cum on her fingers.

With the 2 guys mesmerised and with clear erections under their denims Julie stood to face them completely naked. her shaven fanny lips were parted, and her nipples were very erect. Don\'t let me stop you both having a wank - feel free. You\'ve watched me now let me see your cocks in action.

The taller of the 2 guys looked at me and said it would be better if my missus brought them off. I was still wanking my spent cock, and said it was up to her. Julie said if they want they can wank over her. Julie lay on her back over the large footstool, both guys dropped their shorts and the tall one stood between her legs. The other stood above her head and started wanking his thick dick. Julie reached up to toch it then stroked it slowly for him. Spitting into her hand she rubbed her saliva around his straining prick and gave him a lovely toss.

The tall guy stopped his wanking and moved himself to have his cock just touching Julie\'s opened cunt. He rubbed himself along her slit. Julie looked at him, looked at his large cock, and said try it for size. I was fully erect again just as he entered her cunt. Julie groaned whilst still wanking the other lad. Her tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust and the guy she was wanking shot his sperm across her breasts and belly. Julie now concentrated on being pounded by a new lover. I could see that she was gripping his cock tightly with her cunt muscles determined to have him shoot inside her. Fuck, he cried as he released his load inside her.

Julie had a wicked look in her eye, she was going to ride him empty. His soften prick flopped out of her a couple of minutes later. I then re-entered Julie and covered my cock with the spunk inside her and her own cum. Smothered in that sticky mess I pulled out and offered my cock to her mouth. Julie wanked and sucked me off, giving me the most exciting BJ of my life. At the same time Julie rubbed at her pussy cumming noisily. Julie lay there as I came over her neck and breasts, but got to her feet to cuddle both naked guys together. As she stroked their cocks the guys started kissing her shoulders and breasts, touching her fullsome bum cheeks-----------------------later guys, haven\'t you got some work to get on with?

The guys finished their work a couple of days later, early on the Friday afternoon. They popped in for some refreshments said Julie, but they fucked her big time. When I saw her at night her body was covered in love-bites and her pussy was a little sore. After sharing a bath she told me of what had happened and was sorry I was not there to film it.

I\'m sorry too.

The warmer weather is coming back in, better get Julie to look out her swimwear.