Written by D Woolley

29 Mar 2019

Sadly I had to attend the funeral of an old friend, but as we were having some building work done my wife, Leanne, wasn’t able to come with me. We had decided that I would book a hotel room for the night so that I would be able to have a drink at the wake and so I booked a room at the place they were holding it.

As I waked towards the crematorium I saw sat on a bench by the entrance a woman, I would think around fifty, but what had made me notice her was a pair of very nice long legs. They were encased in the sexiest nylon I had seen. They were a kind of very fine net, with a larger net like pattern printed over that. Not quite black, but very dark.

I didn’t see her again after we went in, until we arrived at the wake. I got myself a drink and then sat down at a corner table. The lady in question asked if I minded her joining me as she didn’t know many people there. Mind I would have been disappointed if she hadn’t joined me.

As we ate our food and drank we got chatting and she said something along the lines of how smart she found the three piece suit I was wearing and what a change to see someone who still polished shoes. Has we had gotten onto compliments, I told her how sexy the tights were that she had on and that they were made to look even better by being on such gorgeous legs.

She looked me in the eye and then told me to put my hands under the table. I did as she asked and then she took my hand and placed it on her knee slowly easing it up her thigh under her skirt. The nylon soon became smooth and then with and start I felt a suspender and then soft smooth skin as I reached the top of her stocking. She took my hand away before I could go any higher. “Well that just put them up the sexy scale by about ninety per cent didn’t it?” I said. “Did you enjoy that?” She asked me. Stupid question really. I told her that I did indeed like that.

She told me to wait while she went out to make a phone call and then when she returned a few minutes later, she said. “I hope that you have booked a double room, because if you haven’t then I’m sleeping in the street tonight, as I have just cancelled my hotel room. Bloody hell all my Christmases and birthdays come together.

As soon as we entered the room I took of my jacket waist coat and tie, I must have been taking my time as Elain, as I had found out here name was, stood there in just her stockings and suspenders. I went to put my arms around her, when my phone bussed to tell me that I had a message and then again before I could react to the first.

They were both from Leanne, my wife. “You’d better look at those, I think.” Elaine said so I sat on the edge of the bed to do just that. Elaine knelt down in front of me and unfastened my trousers, reached in and fished out my hardening cock. She licked her lips and sucked me into her mouth. I almost came as I opened the first message.

It was a picture of Leanne sat against the headboard of our bed, her nipples were red and swollen, her hair and makeup were all over the place and she had a look like the cat that got the cream. The second message was a short film clip of her lay on her side with her legs drawn up. Her swollen pussy lips looked to have had about a pint of cum poured over them and there was a steady trickle of it running out of her bum hole and over her reddened arse cheek.

I tapped Elain on the top of her head to show her. She smiled and said “Well sauce for the goose and all that, but it looks as if she has had far more sauce than you.” She laughed and then sucked me back into her mouth and ran her tongue around my bell. I quickly took a picture of her, with my cock in her mouth and sent it to Leanne.

Elaine stood me up and removed the rest of my cloths and we jumped onto the bed. It was my turn to kneel and start licking. First I licked up and down her lips until they started to part a little. Then I extended my tongue more and lapped side to side across her clit. This gave her a minor orgasm and her juices were running from her hole. I lapped them up pressing myself as far as possible into her.

Elain came again, more powerfully this time. I could wait no longer and pulled myself up level with her. She took hold of my nob and guided it into her waiting pussy. I sank my whole cock into her and then reached under her to grip her bum and started pumping her for all I was worth.

Elain was moaning and thrusting up to meet my strokes. Alas I know this couldn’t last long and so I rolled onto our side with her legs wrapped around me, my hands now on her hips. Elaine soon changed the position again as she lifted her legs so that her stocking clad legs were around my neck over my shoulders. It was about as deep as I have ever gone with anyone.

Again Elaine changed the position when she sensed that I was cuming. She lay on her side away from me and I took hold of her hips and thrust into her, we both came grunting and moaning about five minutes later.

My phone rang almost as soon as we did. It was Leanne. “Did I give you enough time?” She asked laughing. “Only just, I haven’t got my breath back yet.” I panted into the phone. “Seems as if we both have a tale to tell when you get home doesn’t it. Oh and don’t be too late as there are two teams of builders coming again tomorrow.” She said. “What coming up you again?” I asked her. “We will see won’t we. Good night” She replied and hung up.

In the morning we both got up and dressed in our jeans and jumpers. I gave her a lift to the bus station and then with a peck on the cheek she was gone. No phone numbers, no email address, nothing. I set off for home, just bursting to find out what Leanne had been up to and what her plans were for today.