Written by Pete

20 Aug 2010

Liz has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak. I'm not talking about going out and about flashing her pussy and fucking in public but loose, or low cut revealing tops, showing off her tits, letting her skirt ride up above her stocking tops, or sitting so blokes can see up her skirt to view her panties which are usually lacy so you can see the shadow of her dark trimmed pussy hair. I'd dared her to go further and though she was excited by the idea of flashing or being seen naked, refused.

An idea occurred to us and we decided to go to a naturist resort in France. We arrived and both stepped out nervously, going shopping naked to the beach and pool, laid on the loungers sunbathing. Liz's pussy was quite wet at first, being completely naked for all to see. But it soon became clear that nobody was remotely interested at looking at her or anyone else, naturist etiquette apparently. Most might have a quick glance, no staring but then maintain eye contact. She's 30, a curvy size 14 nice large firm tits tipped by dark nipples worth a look. Most of the other people were a lot older than us, I'd been hoping to see glamour model type pussy. If any thing Liz was the nearest thing. One afternoon she laid outside, having shaved most of her pussy hair off and was idly just touching her cunt, not wanking, but enough to have made her wet and her pussy lips to have opened. She heard someone, coming and looking up saw a French bloke looking at her, she opened her legs a little wider, just moving her fingers on her clitoris then to her embarrassment he started wagging his finger pointing at her pussy telling her to stop.

After that we started going to a nearby beach which we found more exciting. She'd brought, a couple of tie side bikini bottoms and just wore them. Blokes were openly admiring her tits and she started to sunbathe, pulling the cloth into her slit and even undoing the sides, letting the material fall open exposing her cunt. She'd noticed a couple of blokes watching her each day and decided to sunbathe at the top of the beach away from the crowded edge. She spotted them approaching first and rolled on to her back, undoing the side ties, when they sat about 10 yards away. By moving, sitting up, brushing sand off her skin, the front dropped away, her pussy uncovered. I sat up on my elbows, I could see she was wet and so could the two lads. I told her they were watching and dared her to play with herself.

She sat up, had a look round, raising her knees then spread them, opening her legs wide, no one close, only they had a clear sight from in front, and started to finger herself. She told me to call them over to watch and with them sitting by her feet she masturbated, pushing 3 and 4 fingers in her cunt, using her thumb to stimulate her clitoris, nipples erect, poking out, stroking her tits, until she came. They touched her leg, wanting to finger her and in broken english suggested going into the dunes or meeting later obviously hoping to fuck her but unfortunately she refused. Back at the mobile home we had a great fuck as we both got off over what she'd done. She repeated wanking in front of them over the next week but no fucking. It was only at the end of the holiday, chatting to another english couple about naturist resorts, and they told us about Cap d'Agde and its reputation that we realised that's where we should have probably gone. That will have to be next year now.

Getting back home we had some good fucks talking about the beach, Liz saying how aroused she'd been masturbating on a public beach, finally admitting that she wished she'd let them fuck her remembering how how wet she'd got, dreamily recalling how hard she orgasmed. I'd been reading about dogging and floated the idea of visiting a dogging area. Liz was interested in the idea of being watched by total strangers and after a week or so suggested going to a site, just for a look, provided it was away from where we live. We went to 2 or 3 sites and to be honest didn't see much, some cars parked up and on one occasion a car with bloke watching through the window. We decided to give it one more try and were rewarded when we saw a man and woman get out of a car, she lay on a nearby picnic bench, just wearing a basque, stockings and thigh boots. Spreading her legs he started licking her, then sucking her tits whilst fingering her before getting his prick out and fucking her watched by 3 men who stood wanking. Still not sure, we got out of the car to get a better view, Liz staring at his cock as he fucked the woman. My prick was hard when I heard a gasp from Liz and realised she had pushed her jeans and panties down and was frigging her pussy. Liz rubbed her cunt harder just as the bloke came in the woman. The woman told the watchers to cum over her as she brought herself off with her fingers,then smeared their spunk over her body, before licking her fingers. Liz was close to cumming, eyes closed, panting, leaning against a table, legs spread as far as the jeans round her ankles allowed, fingers flashing in and out of her cunt. She came with a sigh, only then opening her eyes seeing that we were all watching her. She pulled her jeans up took my arm and we went to the car where she sucked my cock as we were watched. I wanted to fuck her and watch her being fucked. She sucked me until I came in her mouth. Once home she told me that she wanted to be watched being fucked but wasn't quite ready that night and was undecided whether to let anyone else take her. It took another 3 or 4 visits watching, sucking and her masturbating before she was ready to go further, but was the wait worth it.