Written by Wifewatcher

20 Sep 2015

When we went back inside the wedding room I said to Michelle we should go and get a taxi back either into Leeds or the hotel and what did she fancy.

Just lets get a taxi with Billy and Karl back to the hotel as they have a nice bar there and we can have some more fun. She went to the loo to clean herself up a bit and I went to Karl and asked him if he fancied joint us and he did and I asked Billy also who agreed so he caled a cab and when it came I got in the front with Michelle in the back with the two guys.

We set off and we had about a ten minute journey, no sooner as we had set off Michelle had her legs open with Karl's fat fingers up her wet pussy and Billy had her tits out and was sucking them. The taxi driver adjusted his mirror and I told him to enjoy the view.

Michelle was gasping she was going to cum and Karl finger fucked her pussy hard with loud squelching noises coming from her wide open wet pussy. He had four fingers up her and she started to squirt from her pussy as she came. She cried out she was cumming and keep fucking your fingers up me harder, harder she shouted and Karl fucked her pussy hard with his fingers. She shot out more juice from her pussy and began to calm down a little. Karl took his fingers out of her pussy with a slurp and he put his hand to her mouth and Michelle hungrily licked her juices from his fingers.

By this time Billy had pulled out his prick and Michelle tried to lean over and suck it but it was difficult due to the room in the back of the taxi and she spat on her hand and started to wank him instead.

Billy played with her clit as she wanked him, and she had to stop him. As it was making her shake and squirm too much, which sometimes happens when she comes hard. The taxi said we are getting near to the hotel and could he have a go and we said no justdrop us off and we will give you a tip.

We got there and tipped him and got out at the back of the hotel where it was dark. Michelle said she felt sorry for him and that she would give him a wank as a tip also, so she opened the front door and pulled down his zip and struggled to get his hard dick out of his pants. She pushed her fingers inside her pussy and got lubrication and started wanking his cock, she managed about thirty seconds when he groaned and shot his spunk out onto his trousers and seat. Michelle wiped her hands on his pants and kissed his cheek and we went inside the back of the hotel thru the car park entrance.

We got into the lift in the car park and I dropped to my knees inside the lift pulled up Michelles dress and started licking her pussy. It smelled of raw sex and had a filmy residue coming out of it. I licked her clit until the lift pinged for our floor and I stood up. We got to our room and went inside, I asked if anybody fancied a drink as I was going to go to the bar. Michelle wanted a large Bacardi and coke and the guys wanted Stella, so off I traipsed to the bar telling them to get started whilst I was getting the drinks.

I turned as I was going out of the door to see Michelle get pushed back onto the bed roughly and Billy pulling out his rock hard prick and get on his knees and begin to rub it up and down Michelles fleshy cunt lips.