Written by Wifewatcher

20 Sep 2015

When I got back to the room with two bottles of Stella and a double Baracadi with a 500ml plastic bottle of coke I saw Karl with his now hard prick fucking Michelles mouth with Billy's cock pumping into Michelle with him on his knees between her legs and him fucking his rock hard dick right up her open wet pussy.

He was fucking her fast and hard and she was rubbing her clit with one hand and holding Karl's cock from going right down her throat with the other.

Billy began to shout he was going to cum and I told him to fuck her harder and he began to shoot his spunk right up into Michelle. He pumped it up her as she rubed her clit and came on his cock, and I watched a couple of jets spurt out of her pussy onto his prick as his arse convulsed as he shot more spunk up her. Michelle kept coming on his cock and he emptied his seed into her. He pulled out and shot one last small jet of cum onto her clit and fingers as she rubbed at herself and came.

Michelles pussy jetted a little spurt of girly cum out of her pussy and Karl pulled his cock out of Michele's mouth, flipped her over pulled her arse up in the air and shoved his dick right up her cunt. Billy's spunk squirted out either side of Karl's cock and ran down Michelles pussy lips and onto her thighs as Karl now banged his cock right up Michelles sperm filled pussy. He just kept fucking and fucking his dick deeper and deeper into her spunk filled pussy until he too said he was shooting up her. Karl added some more sperm into her as I watched and when he was done he pulled out a drizzle of sperm flopped out of Michelles pussy and I got out my cock knelt behind her and shoved it up her . She was so wet with spunk it covered my dick in a film of white cream and I just fucked my cock up her quickly, I must have managed about a minute before a shouted I was cumming into my now wifes well filled pussy and I added my own spunk up her and shot it deep into her pussy. I thrust a f ew more times then pulled out to watch some cum drip out of her pussy onto the bed.

I flipped her over and opened her cunt lips to see a pussy filled with hot sperm and I pushed in my fingers and covered them with spunk and offered them to Michellels mouth to suck which she did hungrily.

I even bent into her spunky drippy pussy and had a lick and sucked her clit and got my mouth filled with juices and then kissed her hard on the mouth which she loved and as we kissed I rubbed her clit and found Karl's fingers exploring inside her now well fucked and cum filled hole. He pushed several fingers up her as I rubbed her clit and as I continued kissing Michelle she began to have a huge orgasm that ripped through her. Now I am not sure what she shot out of her pussy but she really wet the bed with jets of juice spurting out of her cunt as she came heavily and hard. She screamed she was cumming and gushing out of her pussy. It was filthy watching her shoot the juices out of her pussy onto the bed. She looked like she was pissing herself which I think in part she was, but it was so sexy and horny looking.

I stopped rubbing Her clit and Karl pulled out his fingers and we all collapsed a bit on the bed. Me kissing Michelle as the other two just watched. We stopped kissing and Michelle said she needed a drink before we did anything else. I said I was not sure if I could actually do anything else.

So we all got our drinks and I poured Michelles coke form the plastic bottle into her glass and me and the guys enjoyed supping our Stella from the bottle.

The night was to have a little more to play out before we finished as Michelle said she wanted to enact one of her fantasies.