Written by Al

30 Oct 2017

My first wife left me for another man I got over that and divorced but it left me with me always wondering what they did together before it all came out I would lay in bed thinking about it and wanking

Then I got to know Sue she not got the looks of my EX but all the same in her own right was a very attractive woman and we got on really well

Sue was younger than me she told me she only ever had one boyfriend and it last a very long time, in away she was naive and not very experienced as far as sex went she was willing enough liking what we did and she admitted to having her first real climax with me

We got married two years after meeting by then Sue had learned a lot some thing she took to quicker than others like mastering the art of oral sex she wouldn't swallow for a long time and I was after her dark ring at the back for a long time and even after the virginity was lost she at first found it painful but after the seal was broken she need practice to get the full benefit which happened

Three years down the road we both enjoyed a very good and varied sex life also Sue often instigated it and as time past she did that more and more, it was about then I started to introduce ideas about making it even more varied by saying maybe she would like to try someone else for the experience, she didn't discount it but didn't say yes but thought about it

She did question me about a few things as to why have someone else which I told her she need that experience once again she thought about it next she was asking how would we go about it and so on

I told her about the internet and site like this one and did my best to convince her it would be safe as the other people on there where there for the same reason, after that she said she was willing to try it but not alone I would have to with her which I did think before I may have a problem getting her to agree to

We started look at sites then joined one I let her do the chosing but I did steer her away from anyone with out experience as I need the first time to go well I hope if they had done it before that would be the case

We got in touch with a guy about my age that fitted the bill, after chatting she seemed to like him and arrangement made, before he came to ours I managed to talk to him and explained about her first time and he understood

The evening of truth I was with Sue getting ready I took the lube out and pit on the bedside table with some condoms saying they are here if you want to use them I will leave that up to you, as she dressed I said leave your bra off she was happy to do that but when I said the same about her panties she said no, she ended up with a skirt that came below the knee and a blouse that anyone could see she was braless

Downstairs we waited for this Roger to arriv, Sue was nervous I got her a stiff drink that did help a little when Roger texted to say he was here she tensed a little, I went to the door and let him in, once in the front room and introduced Sue didn't seem so nervous as we chatted

Roger did seem relaxed so that helped the talking carried on for quite a long time with out anything happening,I took on myself to say you two should get to know each other better

Roger took the hint his arm round Sue he kissed her the first few seconds she didn't respond but a moment later she wa realy snogging him he had a hand full of breast on the outside of her blouse

Roger had the green light he soon had a hand inside the blouse and not long after that it was unbuttoned both breasts exposed and both nipple erect he was soom sucjling them with my wife layed back enjoying it, one hand we up under her skirt I watched her part her thighs, somehow the skirt got pushed up over her thighs I could see he had her knicker to one side and two finger in her

My wife was moaning there was quite a bulge in Rogers's trousers I heard him say here or upstairs Sue said something and they got up

I followed then up to our bedroom, it was very important this went well, I think both Roger and myself where surprised Sue was stripping her clothes off completely naked she was on the bed as if a waiting for Roger he was struggling to get his clothes off

Once undressed I got a look at his prick not bad at all it was just a little longer than mine but it looked much wider so it gave it a different shape to mine that extent girth she feel that his balls hung quite low

As he joined her she pulled him to her her thighs parted to welcome him it was cock she wanted not foreplay thought flashed thru my mind she was most from the fingering but was ready to take his cock with the wider girth

He was on top of her her legs opened wider he fumbled between them

a second later her head went back and she gasped out Christ he was in her and she knew it he was wider than mem I watched him thrust she gasped the second thrust sent him home once more she gasped as he fucjed away I could see how much she coild feel the difference that is what I wanted a different cock a different way of ducking and she was getting that, Roger fucked harder and faster than I expected

Sur lifted her legs into the air in a wide V I went to the foot of the bed oh yes he was well up her his balls swinging and slapping as he used his full length this was perfect, I got to the side of the bed to see Sue had her mouth open her arms round him she squealed out OH GOD then she twisted a little cried out YES YES he had made her climax and pretty quickly the way she was moving and gasping it was a strong one

Ten minutes in and Roger was not slowing or missing a beat he is a pretty good stud Sue went wild under him

A few minutes later he had speeded up I quickly went round behind them his balls had pulled up in a knot under him he was going let his load go, Sue cried out she was climaxing again a moment or two into it Roger grunted loudly he almost stopped moving he gasped a little my wife was getting her load of spunk from another man and he was delivering it good and deep inside her

After a few moments he was rolling off her it was over I got him a towel he was sweaty he said god that was good, nt wife lay there looked very content and happy it must of gone very well for her

It was not before Roger was saying he better go as he got dressed he said give me a call and we do it again, we said we would, I took him to the door he did say she felt tight to start with I joked she not now and he left

I went back upstairs Sue was where I left her I quickly undressed and got on the bed with her and kissed her she told me she loved me, I asked what was it like, she smiled and thank you, so I prompted her by saying you enjoyed it then, then Sue said yes very mutch he was very different I liked him, my cock had been at bursting point for a long time by then, I kissed Sue then sucked her tits

I didn't think I am wrong saying this seemed to excite herm I move down over her tummy then got between her legs, this was all very new to me don;t know why I was doing it strange I felt I needed to

Between her thighs faced with a freshly used pussy that looked swollen the lips still parted and very wet there was a strong smell of sex and his sperm there was a little leaking at the bottom of the xlit

using my tongue I licked the full length , it tasted different and seemed stikynot unpleasant at all

As I did that Sue moaned lowly, I think the shafting she had just received left her sensitive my next lap with my tongue went inside the lips to find a gooey mess that coated my tongue I pressed more for the next lick the slimme was every where my tongue was right in Roger's sperm and I was lapping another mans cum up, in doing so Sue shuddered and gasped she had started to cum that made me keep going I now had his cum in my mouth there was more and more coming out I hate to say I swallowed his cum with Sue climaxing she was even more wet it was over my face as well

My dick was taking over my brain I need the releve, I move up between her legs I was about to experience something completly new

My dick slipped into a very wet pussy it felt very different the opening was extended and not at all tight inside was really wet and loose but at the same time it felt swollen as it if clunge to my dick the back of the clitorus the G spot felt two or three times the normal size it was a wonderful experience with the sensation and my pent up lust my dick exploded adding more cum to the mix I was breathless

When I lay beside my wife it was a magic moment holding each other she was so loving and tender we drifted off to sleep holding each other, when I woke I wondered what the reaction would be

She woke very happy and we did speak a length about the night before she was honest saying how much she enjoyed what happen but there was a little concerned about me and how I felt which I soon dissolve, we talked about if we did the right thing had it harmed us as a couple we covered most things the conclusion was we both enjoyed it

The stage was set but we where still on a learning curve we where also lucky to have pick Roger with his experience of other couples he was huge help he visited five times and got me involved and Sue experienced have two men at the same time I could see a real willingness in her to try new things, in the end Roger called it a day when he met another couple closer to him

I look back on Roger with gratitude he set us on the path we are on today with out him Sue may never of changed into the woman she is now with a need for different cock