Written by Nesoo

16 Oct 2013

My wife and I are in our mid sixties now, and live in an area where unemployment is high and the local youths have no respect for their elders. My wife on a number of occasions has received sexual taunts from one of them who has openly said to her that he could give her a good seeing to which would last all night.

My wife confronted him, and said he should be with girls of his own age and not bothering an old lady who was overweight with sagging tits and well past her prime. On walking away he remarked it would only be a matter of time before he was fucking her and not her husband.

On hearing this from my wife I wanted to go and have it out with him, but she said no and felt that we should teach him a lesson and confront him together by inviting him around on his own and seeing what he had to offer before embarrassing in front of his mates. We agreed that when he came round my wife would lead him on in front of me and at a given point I would take a snap of him with my wife on my mobile and threaten to show it around the estate if he was rude to her again.

A few days later my wife was drawing some money from the cash point when he walked over and asked if the money was for some sexy under wear, it was then she gave him the invite to come around on Wednesday afternoon to find out for himself. On the Wednesday morning we agreed that if this lout should arrive which we both very much doubted, that I would meet him and show him to the front room were she would be sat on the sofa in her dressing gown and black stockings, and my mobile down the side of my chair hidden away.

Well he proved us both wrong and arrived on time and full of bravado, Hello mate he said as I let him in and led him into the front room. My wife made him sit next to her and asked if he didn't mind me being present whilst he fucked her. Not at all love was his reply as he stripped off and my wife opened her gown to reveal herself to him as I reached for the mobile phone.

As the gown fell away revealing my wife's naked body its rolls of fat and sagging tits, I noticed that she was looking at his cock which had become hard when seeing her nakedness. They then moved towards each other, she taking his cock in her hand and wanking it slowly, whilst he was kissing her tits and moving his hand between her legs as I took the photo on my mobile.

Having taken the picture I expected my wife to end it there and then but instead said, I want to suck that cock of yours but don't cum in my mouth I want that somewhere else. Hearing my wife say this, I knew she was going all the way and decided to encourage the lad to fuck her in the mouth. After a short while it was his turn to lick and kiss my wife's cunt, and as he did I heard all those familiar noises that she would soon be ready to be fucked.

As my wife lay on her back, legs open and arms reaching out for him to enter her she looked over to me and mouthed the word "sorry". I mouthed the word "enjoy" and blew her a kiss as he mounted her and pushed his bareback cock inch by inch deeper and deeper into her warm moist cunt .

As their sighs and groans became louder and louder, and each saying to the other what good fucks they were, he told her he was on the verge of cumming, my wife then arched her back and placed her hands around his arse and pulled him all the way into her saying "shoot that cum deep into me and fill me full of your babies" with a last thrust of his cock the deed was done.

After he had gone I asked my wife to explain why she decided to do that. She did whilst I watch his cum seeping from her cunt.