Written by Nesoon

14 Nov 2013

Thank you all for your wonderful responses to my previous two stories, on how to deal with my husbands cutting comments, and if I should meet this young lad for another sexual encounter.

Well whilst shopping in the local supermarket, I saw him with mates and a couple of young girls hanging around the trolley park. On seeing me he waved to me and followed me into the store and asked if I would like to go to his place for a fuck which I accepted, as I needed to feel him inside me again without my husband watching us enjoying our special moment.

On arriving at his flat, we went directly to his bedroom and started to undress each other until we were both naked. Once again I could see his cock hard and erect against his belly as I pushed him down onto the bed and heard him sigh as I took the head of his cock into my hot mouth. As I cupped his balls in my hand and worked on his shaft he began to tell me why he fancied me, and how as a young man in bed would wank about me two or three times a night.

It wasn't too long before he turned me over onto my back and started to feel my tits, as his mouth kissed its way down my body and I opened my legs in anticipation for his tong to start licking its way into my now wet cunt. As I felt his warm breath and mouth pushing against the entrance to my cunt, I shuddered as a tremendous feeling of warmth and inner glow filled my body and my tears fell onto his pillow.

Reaching out for him, he knew I was ready to be fucked as I took his cock and placed it between my legs and with one push he was deep inside me. As we were both now reaching our limits of sexual endurance I found myself asking him to shoot his cum inside me

and with one final grunt I felt him explode deep inside my belly as I gripped him between my legs.

The rest of the morning was spent fucking each other in our favourite positions and he seemed to like fucking me best in the doggy position. Although we both like this position I did suggest to him that while I was on all fours facing away from him "that I could be sucking off one of his mates". His response was one long thrust of his cock as he pulled me on to it, and a very large groan as his spunk shot into me.

"Should I take this as a yes, or leave it well alone"