Written by Barry

18 Jun 2014

After reading the first part you will understand this one, I had let it happen I could of easily stopped my wife from being unfaithful from the start but didn't, why I didn't I will never know, I had gone to a lot of trouble with setting you or adding to the CCTV in the house and had now got her and Philip on disk, I had got carried away watching it and almost got court watching it when she came home that is where I left you

Helen came in all smiles saying you home how was the job and have got to go back I told her most likely for a couple of days, she didn't say bloody hell or that's a shame as she usually do but asked when

Things where as normal that evening, in bed that night she didn't want to know, which was very frustrating for me, next day I got a chance to looking at the recording, there she was given him a blow job, when she stopped she wanted it looking at as if she was pleased with what she done,she took her knickers off and lay on the bed when she did that I could see jest how big Philip was his cock looked massive, also he is quite tall over six foot I would say, broad shouldered quite slim flat tummy he is muscular his chest was quite hairy he looked in good shape, I watched he pull my wife down the bed by her legs he then knelt down and went down on her

It was obvious how much she enjoyed it, a bit different from when I do it she usually want me to got on with it and ride her, he had her twisting about on the bed gasping and moaning she was even playing with her own tits

When he did stop Helen pulled herself up the bed to make room for him, he stood up and his cock looked even more erect than before a lot stiffer it was so hard it was against his tummy, he climbed onto the bed between her legs as he did she parted them more, he was that stiff he had to hold it down, he must of touched her pussy she took a deep breath his arm moved I heard her say don't tease me I want it, his body moved forward she took another very deep breath this time he was going into her, she let the breath out and cried out Philip you get bigger my Christ he was pushing at the same time she lifted her legs into the air like a vie, he gave a thrust she cried out again he must of got right in, I hear my wife say OH GOD FUCK ME and he did, I seen it in films but they are actors this was for real and that was my wife squealing and panting with another mans cock inside her I am sure he was destroying her cunt stretching and distorting it no wonder I was getting knock backs, what I was watching was maybe the seconded or third time she had him but she was accommodating him with out to much trouble I could see she was really enjoying it I would of never said she ever been that much into sex not like this

She was going mad with his cock in her she keep shouting fuck me fuck me and once more he did harder than ever I was amazed at how hard he could fuck

It made the bed bounce it creaked and squeaked under them I never heard it do tat before

The pounding went on a good ten to fifteen minuets my wife climaxed more than once, he started to gasp he slowed and heaved into my wife with his hips he was shooting his load inside her, he grounded a few times then lay still

I could hear both of them panting both breathless, after a time he rolled off her and lay beside her, then he said well is it better in bed Helen said mmm much better, he went on saying so I will be coming here a lot when your old man away, I heard her say oh yes now you will I want a lot more of that, as she said that she had her hand on his deflated cock, Philip started asking about me do we have sex much was I any good, I replayed the next bit twice, she said Barry is half your size and it jest do it for me, she carried on I used to think he was okay till I had this holding up his cock, he laughed saying that night in he car park you where bloody tight you not now she giggled saying I will not feel Barry's any more, he asked had she had me since she had him she said no but I keep asking he wants it, Philip said you got to let him have it sooner or later, she laughed say later

They lay there talking and she told him a lot about me and us, he seemed really interested by the questions he was asking they had a few kisses and I don't think she hardly let go of his cock, it stared to stiffen, they both went quiet and seemed to be looking at it, my wife was now rubbing it she sat up and licked it end and all the way down it then back up to the end and started to scuck it she cupped a fair pair of bollocks in one hand at the same time, it didn't take long he was hard, I hears him say get on top

I watched her get on him and straddle him, she leaned forward but it was to long to go in her she had to lift up a bit, as she sat back on it she grounded then said OH CHRIST PHILIP as she impaled herself on it, she sat back up with a ground till she was upright she sat there both hands on her thighs then started a slow rocking movement and said you fuck big, then the movements got a little faster she had her eyes closed she was now rocking quite fast her tits swayed, he put his hand out to help her lift a bit with some effect she got going and seeded up a bit more

I heard her say OH GOD she got faster her tits swinging about on her chest then she cried out I am cumming I am cumming her head back mouth open gasping the fell on him, he pulled her down that made her ares go up a bit and he bucked like mad under her she screamed

After that in one motion they rolled over, he pulled her to her knees and took her from behind, I thought he fucked her hard last time he held her hips and Jesus did he go she came again with him just afterwards given her his second load

When it was over they talked for a time then the light went out he was bloody staying the night, the camera works on movement so it was black then two am it came on it was only semi light but I could hear my wife getting fucked again, the next time was seven am he gave it to her again, they got up and the next thing they must of left for work, I run it back and wanked like mad, I still had the next nigh to watch I had a quick flick though and that looked interesting

I was to day before I had a chance to look at the rest in the mean time I had a lot to think about food for thought, that wasn't like my wife I had seen in all the years we have been together I have never known her that keen for sex, it took a long time before she would have the light on when we first got married she always been prudish in a way

It looks like things have changed with Philip also I found what they talked about very interesting, I had a third camcor I thought I would put that in the kitchen dinner which prover worth doing in the end for the conversations

Going back to the recordings, it be my second might away, once more my wife came home after work after some thing to eat she went and got ready she had a carrier bag she brought some underwear black hold up stockings the thong and what seemed to be a quarter cup bra that all matched, I was surprised to see she only put a dressing gown on over them and went downstairs

A short time later Philip arrived, he had a bag with him Helen asked what is in it he said closes for work tomorrow, they had a kiss and cuddle, he asked what is my surprise you have tested me about all day, with that she took off the dressing gown he was pleased he didn't have to say it, he mad a grab for her she stopped him saying that is half of it

Then she stared to undress him, she then got him to lay on the sofa naked. she kissed him then all the way down his body to his cock he had a semi lob on, with a little oral stimulation he was fully erect, my wife will suck me but never for long in case I cum

She was going to town on him, she couldn't get a lot in her mouth but she was having a good go, I could see Philip was excited and she must of known it as well, he was getting close he start to sit up as if to stop her and she put a hand out to stop him , I couldn't believe this,his cock looked rock hard he was getting agitated, he let out a loud gasp I think the first spurt took her by surprise she got it in her mouth but she pulled away the second went into the air, I ran that back it went past her head maybe ten inches, I was amazed to see her get her mouth over the end ans suck taking the rest in her mouth I could see her swallow she was sucking him off, some thing I would of said she never do, it shocked me to see it and she took the last drop he had

It was what said after she done it that surprised me, Philip wanted to know did she do it for me she said never, he asked if she like doing it and was told him yes she loved it but it surprised her when he first cum how powerful it wa, he asked it I shot mutch and was told no not much and there isn't a lot when I do, he want to know if I shagged her ares once more that was no

Then he said would she like to try she didn't know she never done it before, it wasn't a no, they chatted a little more before going to bed

Philip must be some sort of a stud he was getting hard before they went upstairs, this time he seemed to want to get Helen to have sex in different positions, we always do it on her back, he had three different ways that night one was he made her stand and hold on the dressing table and he took her from behind he told her watch in the mirror, I think do that got her off, he was telling her how to do thing like to hold her feet as he bent then back over her he got her to get on top of him but then to play with herself at the same time she jest did as she was told also doing ti doggy style he pushed his thumb up her ares at first she said no but he did it any way once he did it she didn't seem to mind I wondered where this was leading I was to find out more after I went away next time