Written by LFC win or lose

6 Jun 2007

You may have read about my two recent encounters with Lynn my next door neighbour which have brightened up my life no end. In fact as well as being hugely enjoyable they seem to have awakened my Mrs's urges. Women sense these things and I have been very active with her so life is grand and then yesterday things took a turn yet again. I was sitting reading when the door bell went and on the doorstep was a lady aged 48(I found out later) who said "Hi I am Jean a friend of Lynn's I was supposed to see her this morning but she has just phoned me to say she is runing an hour late. I hope you do not mind but I desperately need the loo and Lynn said to ask you if you could oblige" Of course I said come in, I offered to make her a cup of tea to which she replied "yes please if it is no trouble" When she came through to the conservatory I had the tea waiting for her and we sat opposite each other. She was wearing a light summer top and fairly tight skirt. She had quite big tits not huge and a nice ample body. As she looked out the conservatory doors she said "Oh I see you still have the big lounger out" Sorry" I responded "Oh Lynn told me all about your little adventure the other day" As she spoke she turned and moved her legs apart and her skirt rode up her thighs revealing her pussy which had a small brownish bush. "Could you show me what you did for Lynn as I see you are ready for it" My cock had sprung up in my shorts. I reddened and stood up she pulled off her top unzipped and stepped out of her skirt advanced to me and pulled down my shorts and started sucking me off. She was sucking squeezing and moaning and I said slow down or I will cum. "Cum in my mouth and then work on me" she said. So I did and she licked and kissed me clean. I got betweem her legs and found she was already soaking as I licked and probed her pussy. Her clit was quite large and she reacted to it being touched quite violently. I pushed 2 the three fingers in her and she said "harder ,deeper" I told her to play with herself while I got something. I whizzed up stairs and got a couple of vibros. One is a big black veined cock about10" long and 2" thick. When she saw it she mouthed oh my god. I put some baby oil on it and started to insert it. She was bucking with pleasure as ot started going deeper. I increased the speed and she was in la la land screaming and shouting "fuck me fuck me" She was cumming and cumming (she said later) After a bit I slowed dow and then put a finger up her arse. " Oh yes fuck my arse like you fucked Lynn's" I continued fucking both holes and my cock started stiffening with the excitement of watching her. I am 59 but this was so good it took me back 20 years I put her over the end of a couch with her legs in the air and after putting oil on my cock I slid up her arse and continued fucking her cunt with the black cock. She was laughing crying and shouting all at once. I told her I was cumming and she said yes up my arse up my arse so I did. I kept going until I slid out and she said put it in my mouth my mouth. She continued sucking me and I slid the cock out of her cunt. I actually got hard again and then subsided. I was well fucked! We just sat there grinning and after a bit she said " Lynn said you are a dirty sod and she was right. Thanks that was great." Anytime maam " I drawled in my best J Wayne voice. We laughed. After a bit she said " I know Lynn had you first and wants you again as much as possible but could I join in?" I blushed and replied "Of course" and added " could we have a 3some maybe? Would you two go down on each other?" You "cheeky bastard" she grinned " Lynn would never go for it" "meaning you would" I asked. "After today anything goes2 she said. " Well you tricked me could we trick Lynn?" " Lynn knew I was coming here" "So maybe we could both trick you and lets see how it goes" She hung about for another 20 minutes and sucked my cock 1 more time complaining her cunt was in agony nice agony but sore. She will ring me when she has sorted something for the 3 of us probably at hers. She is a widow of 18 months and I was the first since she lost her husband. So to be continued....