Written by Steve

2 Sep 2013

By now I'd given up on ever getting my cock in the sweet young body of kez but I was content with licking her to multiple orgasms every night and she definitely loved getting the tonguing that her currently overseas partner mick refused to give her. On the third night tho, on arriving at hers we both stripped off again, kez took up her position on the sofa and I dropped to my knees eagerly to work my mouth magic on her stubbly little sex. "Ah ah" she said again hand on my head to stop my advance. What the fuck now I thought to myself in frustration. But I couldn't be cross at the sight of her sexy cum satisfied smile. "Stand up" she ordered. A 20yr old barking orders at a man in his 50s but dutifully I stood. Kez leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees so my hard cock was inches from her face but I made no attempt to advance as she'd so far knocked back any attempts I'd made. She smiled at my twitching bone and gently caressed my buttocks which felt beautiful. Slowly she eased her fingers to my arsehole and teasingly threatened to penetrate whilst also tickling my balls, all the time holding my eyes with that horny smile. My cock wavered near her mouth. "What do you want me to do?" She asked. I shook my head fearful of rejection. "Do you want me to suck your dick?" She asked softly fluttering her nails along my shaft. I nodded. Suddenly she gripped me hard and wrapped her lips on my mob end sucking hard. I gasped as she popped it back out. "Don't cum in my mouth. " she ordered and then took me in her hot little face space. She didn't suck me off as such but rather wanked me into her mouth but it felt glorious after all the teasing and when she snaked and arm around me and broke my arse virginity with her elegantly manicured finger I just managed to shout "CUMMING" and she released my cock from her mouth wanking me hard. I released my pent up spunk into her face and all over her wavy long hair. I dropped to the floor and gratefully licked her cunt making her cum almost immediately. I loved looking up to see her face contorted in pleasure and my jizz running down her neck. After her 3rd cum she beckoned me up, took my hand and said "come on" leading me to the bedroom. We got into her and micks bed and she smilingly pulled me on top. Very simply and still smiling she said "fuck me". I was in heaven as I entered her fanny and began pumping. My fat belly slapped against her lithe young tummy and she lay smiling sweetly enjoying the pleasure she was giving me. She didn't cum, I don't know if I'm smaller than mick or if she's a woman who just doesn't during penetration. I was about 20 minutes before I felt that unstoppable rise from my balls and quickened my pace. Kez, sensing the impending climax said "don't cum in me". It was torture taking myself out but I did and wanked onto her stomach and dribbled my 2nd load onto her. Bliss. We fell asleep and woke up in the morning stuck together by dried spunk. Dried spunk in her hair too. Beautiful. Well micks back now so kez and I are over. So is my marriage and kez is pregnant. She's sure it's micks. During one whispered conversation she told me he's been fucking her like crazy since he got back from Jamaica. She also confessed she misses my licks but she's too scared of mick to do anything with me. I sort of hope the baby is white and who knows, maybe we could be together. Ah well, we'll see