Written by joan

14 Oct 2017

As I turned 16 in August 1998 I had very few friends was very very thin only wore a 28a bra and was a goody goody at everything never in trouble at school never even been kissed by a boy on the Thursday before I was 16 I decided to rebel and walked to school smoking knowing that I would be in trouble if seen .I attended a private girls school I was seen and got 3 strokes of the cane over my knickers. Ours was one of the last schools to still use corporal punishment .

The three girls I was kind of friendly welcomed me into their group now and on my 16th birthday we all went to a disco 4 boys walked us home and I could see a lot of groping going on then felt a hand on my bust and a voice say " She got no tits" The i felt a hand up my skirt as we all stopped in an alleyway the hand went inside my tights and knickers and rubbed my vagina before a finger entered me . A voice said 2 Dan have you fingered her yet"

" Yes I am doing it now I think I will see if I can fuck her" i didn't know what to do but two of the others I could see were being fucked so i just said " As long as you don't hurt me " In no time my knickers and tights were around my ankles and he was trying to push his prick into me but couldn't he lifted me up and I spread my legs and held his kneck as I screamed out as he entered me and my sore bottom was scraping against the wall with each push then a longer push and he was still I guess he had shot his load up me.

^ weeks later my tits had grown a little and were sore and my period was 4 weeks late and yes I was pregnant I was expelled from school and 9 months later June 1999 had a daughter Grace I had never had sex again as I devoted my life to my sick mother and my daughter.My mother died in January and I had been left well o f and in June Grace was 18 and we were more like sisters she knew all about how she was conceived and al about what I have done since. She has had several boy friend and has been involved with all kinds of petting and she has always told me what she did but she assures me she is still a virgin. After she got her exam results in August and had been accepted into university to study Accountancy we went on a camping holiday to Brittany by car as we could both drive

I am still slim and a size 6 with 32c bust and long black hair grace is a blonde size 8 with 34c bust . Most days we would spend the morning in a little cove and could get some topless sunbathing then in the afternoon would go off in the car sightseeing. Most day we would have a meal at a local restaurant and after parking the car would enjoy a bottle of wine either outside the camp site bar or outside our tent. On the Sunday of our second week we were around the pool when a couple of men asked if they could join us . It turned out they were father and son as their mother had gone off with her boss 4 years previously the son was 19 and the man was 39 We got on really well together and One night Pierre took grace for a meal and I had a meal with Francoise we sat outside the bar having a drink when we saw Pierre and Grace go back to our tent and close the curtains. we smiled at each other and he leaned over and kissed me . and rest his hand on my thigh we finished our bottle of wine as Pierre came from our tent saying Grace was going to bed. we arranged to meet the following day.

i returned to the tent and grace was washing the skirt she had been wearing and I asked if she was ok . She told me

" when they got back they both lay on her bed and were soon fondling each other and after he had brought her to orgasm by fingering her wanted to have sex but she was not sure but said she would give him oral sex so she had done so but he was soon filling her mouth with his sperm and she pulled away and what was left covered the groin area of her black skirt she said she did swallow some but had to spit some out as well. She said she almost let him but was not quite sure and he had no condoms anyway.

The following morning we went as usual to the bakers but called at the chemist shop and we both bought the morning after pill not that either of us intended to have sex as we left the little office where we had to fill in forms and pay for the pills Francoise was at the counter paying for 2 packets of condoms he did not see us but as we left the shop he was still stood outside handing a packet to Pierre. they saw us and blushed. The rest of the day went very pleasantly and we had a meal together. we then realised that Pierre and Francoise only had a 2 man tent with blow up single beds where as ours was a Family tent with 2 seperate bedrooms each with a double bed in. We returned to our tent and after emptying a bottle of wine grace and Pierre went to bed and we followed about 10 mins later it was obvious that the were teasing each other with the giggles coming for behind the curtain we lay on my bed and I was sonn enjoying a man for the first time ever ans he slowly undressed me. I heard Grace whisper its my first time please be gentle and we won't need them I have got the morning after pill "Francoise must also have heard as we both giggled and he pulled his condom out and i shook my head . as his fingers penetrated between the lips of my vagina I heard Grace as it was obvious he was entering her and as the bed started to creek I knew her that virginty had gone . Francoise then very gently made love to me sending me into extasey as i orgasmed . then i felt him empty his seeds deep inside me that was the first of three fucks that night for me.

I will continue if you wish