Written by Paul

1 May 2014

As I explained last time my wife Sue now had a boyfriend Chris and he has turned out to be a well hung stud that is compared to me, a few things are worrying me my wife seems infatuated by him he can do no wrong in her eyes she could be in love with him but she denies that and tells me I am the only man she is in love with and s only the sex and point out he is only the second man she she has ever sleep with, the fact his got a dick like a donkey she says that don't make any differences which is a lie I have seen her getting fucked and no way have that thing inside her not making a difference you only have to hear the nice she makes the look on her face and the way she reacts with it up her, also her willingness to change position plus how willing she to give him oral some thing she never been to keen on doing with me and she do it to completion and swallow that has always been a no no

Our sex life may of got stale over the years before this happened we have sex about twice a month I guess it would always be the missionary position, after she went out with Chris sex did stop completely for a couple of months and it didn't start till the first night he came her and they did it in the house with me here, I found that strange and why encourage me to have sex after she been fucked, I was to find out that was Chris's ideas suggestions telling Sue not to leave me out that be wrong and she would enjoy it which it is obvious she do, that was the start of a very different road Chris was putting us on there was a lot we didn't realize about Chris at the time and my wife was looking at him with rose colored glasses I am sure and he could do no wrong in her eyes

There was a lot I didn't know, things that may of been planed in some ways by him, he knew the direction he want to go for sure

As I told you Chris had said to me when Sue was out the way you like watching us don't you, a little later he was round ours and he was putting on a show with my wife in our front room snogging and petting was going on, he then said I think we should invite Paul to come up and watch us tonight he sneaks up any way, it was obvious Sue had no idea I did I was really embarrassed with him saying that it made me look like a perv

Well all three ended up in our bedroom Chris suggested I sit on the the dressing table stool which is quite close to the bed, he stripped off his dick hung down even like that it was quite impressive, sue was still clothed he helped her take her blouse off she keep looking my way,then he undid her bra then the zipper on her skirt with a push it feel down, he looked at me as he pushed his hand in the top of her panties I could see it moving inside them her legs parted a little then her eyes closed he must of been rubbing her clit he seemed to push down I think to get a finger inside her then she gave a low moan and at the same time got hold of his cock as she pulled on it, it grew and swelled

I couldn't take my eyes off it as it got bigger I did look up and Chris had a smug look on his face, before I had been a lot further away and looking at there refection in the mirror this time I was about two foot away

I would say he was almost erected, it had a curve upwards and it was quite veined the large one on the underside was quite visible and dark and some that ran round where starting to stand out more, he pulled his hand out of her pants with a hand on her shoulder she sat her on the edge of the bed he steeped back a tad then put that hand on her head she knew exactly what he meant her mouth open and went round the end as she did her eyes looked my way, his has got a real bell end shaped knob end so she had to open her mouth quite wide to get it in she had the foreskin right back I was watching my wife give a blow job it surprised me to see how expert she was her head bobbed up and down she stop and lick it and kiss it a few time she took it to almost her throat before coming up she had both hands round it together wanking it as she did that Chris was loving it, it was clear he was going to cum, she sucked like that for some time I started to wonder if he want her to suck him off but he did stop her before he did cum

With a genital push she fell back onto the bed he bent and tugged at her knickers she lifted her bum and off they came, he then looked over to me to make sure I was looking he eased her thighs apart then open her pussy lips with two fingers I think to let me see how wet she was, sucking dick had aroused her alright, next he got hold of his cock and almost waved it at me so I had a good look at it, I was already rock hard, he picked her legs up, I move more to the side of the stool to get a better view I think I held my breath as his giant bit of flesh pressed on her pussy he moved it up and down her lips they open almost rolled back a little he pressed it down she groaned out loud it looked like he forced that knob end in it disappeared I heard her take a deep breath as it started sink inside her I was amazed how easily she accommodated its size he had buried a good half in her, I would guess it had to be all of nine inches long maybe a little longer hard to say, the girth did stretch her pussy lips and that made it look even wider they rapped round it, he stopped Sue's legs where on his shoulders he put both hand on her thighs and Jesus he gave a thrust she screamed out, he did drove it right in with that one thrust it made her gasp and pant as he rocked his hips with his meat in her as deep as he could get it, he then pulled back and started slow short strokes that got long and faster

By leaning to my left I could see between his legs and he got what I would call a big pear of bollocks that hang down a lot more than mine they where swinging away

I did get glimpses of her distorted cunt his strokes where long and deep it looked like a white ring round his shaft that must of come from Sue she was getting very wet

I looked the other way at my wife as he got faster both tits wobbled on her chest she was moaning like made then she started to tremble and gasp OH GOD YES GOD YES she said as a made a noise like I have never make her body seemed to lift almost arch she was having a huge climax hit her,he fucked all though it that sent her mad twisting and jerking under him he fucked as hard as he could for another good ten minuets I would say she climaxed again in that time before he started to grunt his bum cheeks clenched then he jerked and gasped as his sperm flowed deep inside my wife belly he lay on top of her panting

my cock was so thigh and hard in my pants it was painful

Chris lay on the bed they snogged I head my wife say how wonderful he was, after a time he whispered some thing to her Sue looked at me then whispered some thing back I heard him then say tell him, Sue looked my way and said come her Paul like a sheep I went over to them, she still lay where she was her legs open looking down at her pussy it looked swollen the slit now had a white line in it, Chris then said to her well tell him

She looked back at him then to me and said go down on me, I must of jest stood there it was Chris that said you hears your wife, why I did it I will never know I knelt down pushed her thighs open the white line was a dribble, and slowly put my head down there

the stench of sex and sperm was strong, I pushed my face into her cunt I think it may of been Sue's hand on my head, at first I couldn't do it, then I put the tip of my tongue out the taste wasn't that bad not as I expected, I was soon licking away I had to swallow some a lot was on my lips and face my wife grounded I am sure she was enjoying it

When I stood up they both where smiling at me, Chris then said your turn next I looked at them, Chris said well you do it when I go, get on with it, my wife had told him

I slipped my dick inside her it felt even better that it had before much hotter and a lot wetter I did my best but it was seconds before I cum, I know now what Chris wanted was for Sue to compare my dick with his cock its obvious now

After that I had to get them a drink we talked which seemed wired at the time I was made to watch them again about an hour later, which also excited me, that evening was a mile stone and set thing up for want would come I was now in a position of no return