Written by Onestunnedguy

27 Nov 2008

I was often asked in the past where I got my Screen name from as I used to be a member some time back and have just re-registered.

Anyway, I used to go to a local Picnic area of an evening when my Wife attended her evening classes for various hobbies she had, The Classes were followed by her and other class mates having a social drink after, So I had several hours of fun twice a week.

One particular evening which was very dark, no lighting at all, I was having some fun with a guy and noticed activity in the corner of the car park. The guy I was with told me it was a regular event, Some guy with his women letting men have sex with her while he sat watching. He said he had had her one time himself.

As it was very very dark I eventually picked up some courage and slowly moved to the car and watched a very big guy ramming away at a woman in the back seat while a guy sat in the front watching.

I have to be honest at this point and own up I have never had the nerve to have dogging sex myself, BUT, I went forward when the big guy had moved away and found a blond woman with Yellow panties on one ankle and her Yellow dress pushed up by her shoulders, kneeling on the rear seat with her bottom facing me. The driver said \"Do you fancy it mate\"? I sort of croaked a answer of yes please and touched the woman between the legs. She was absolutly wet and very sticky. I played for a while and a voice from behind me said \"hurry up mate, I want a go\" I dropped my trousers and just pushed my self into her, I have to admit, She was so wet my cock just slid in and was making those sort of squelching noises. The guy behind me said \"Fuck this, I aint got all night\" and he went round the other side of the car and just pulled the woman away from me and rammed his cock into her mouth. The driver started to laugh and the woman seemed to be choking, I got scared and went away quickly and from a distance, watched as he eventually pulled her out of the car and bent her over and finnished what I had so feebly started

I got home before my wife came back from her claases and went to bed early as I was afraid she may notice my excitement, She called up to me if I was all right. I told her I had a head ache and wanted a early night. She eventually came to bed and I made out I was asleep.

My wife was a heavy sleeper and worked hard during the day and soon fell a sleep. I laid there for an hour, but was so wound up about the evenings activities that I took myself down stairs for a cuppa. I noticed my wifes Evening Class bag next to the Settee and picked it up to put it under the stairs, its usual parking place, Unfortunatly, I dropped the bag and the contents fell out, A BLONDE WIG.... A PAIR OF YELLOW PANTIES... (Wet) A YELLOW DRESS. As the Story Title says. Life is full of shocks or perhaps I should say I was One Stunned Guy.

I appoligise for not making this story more interesting and detailed, But what I have described is what really happened and could only be improved on by lying which I think a lot do in here. Your comments would be very welcome.