Written by blueskies

9 Jul 2014

As my headline predicts, life can be turned upside down very unexpectedly and attitudes can alter, previous mindsets turned on their head.

Just such an occurrence hit us in the face a few years ago when a friend of my wife, Liz fell ill and died in a very short space of time. The suddenness and sadness was overwhelming. Her husband devastated and family distraught, as friends we gathered round offering assistance and generally being as understanding as we could. Our dilemma was that her husband, Gerry was an arrogant sod who had done well in his business but liked everyone to know it, bragging about his lifestyle and generally ensuring everyone knew he was financially secure while the credit crunch crippled lots of us. Him being in the finance industry did not help and it really strained my powers of resistance as he continually rubbed the less fortunate among us up the wrong way. He had been a smarmy bastard quite a few people wanted to thump but no-one did. He made suggestive comments at parties and tried to get into most women's knickers with dirty suggestions while his wife entertained or joked with friends.

That all changed, he was now an utterly broken man and during his wife's illness actually portrayed a totally different side, gone was the arrogance and the fa├žade of success. He was a man alone even with the family around him he cut a starkly lonely figure. Liz had been a victim of his advances, but she rebuked him as she was best friends with his unfortunate wife.

Time passed after the funeral he went away with his kids for a month or so and on his return spent time walking the dog and looking deeply unhappy, not coming to the occasional meet ups with the usual crowd, but stayed home in his modern and now too big house. The kids had left home and begun work, but he had no appetite for returning to his job.

It was while she was out walking our dog she ran into him on a favourite walking area with his pet, the dogs greeted each other and ran off into a darker part of the woodland leaving them to talk. It was two years since the funeral and he had been a stranger almost constantly since. Liz said his conversation was brighter than she expected and he was extremely friendly. They were talking about everything and he seemed a different person, more interested in others and not caught up in his own shallow world. They walked back towards our village when a summer shower caught them suddenly, soaking them as they were caught between the woods and the shelter of his house about half a mile away. Her top was clinging to her body and became transparent in the rain, her bra showing strongly and her nipples as ever protruding visibly. Her denim skirt turned the darker blue, soaked through as well. They got a little shelter beneath a large tree, but the weight of water proved it to be not totally showerproof and large globs of water dripped on them both. The rain stopped and they reached his home where he insisted she dried off before returning home.

In his house, the dogs were towelled down and then left in the conservatory while Gerry got towels for them. He invited Liz to have a shower while he put her clothes in the tumble drier and showed her a bedroom with ensuite. Thanking him, she closed the door and stripped then ran the shower. Getting out she noticed all her clothes were gone, so dried herself off and emerged just wrapped in the towel. Gerry was in the kitchen and she saw him rubbing her panties in his face, oblivious that she was behind him. He had his cock out and was wanking as he sniffed her panties. She stepped back partly behind the door and watched as his hand tugged firmly up and down, the patio doors reflected his actions so even though his back was turned, she could see enough to find his cock was uncircumcised and a reasonable size. She felt herself getting turned on as she watched knowing she was the object of his fantasy

He was murmuring 'Liz' as his breathing got heavier and his fist moved faster until he dropped the panties over his cock and shot his spunk into them, gasping as he did so and wiping his leaking bell end with the small lacy panties, then he tossed them into the open drier and set it going. Liz slipped back into the guest room and waited a few seconds before making a little noise and moving into the kitchen. A slightly startled Gerry looked at her with a flushed face and smiled to her and said they should be dry within fifteen minutes. Then he put the kettle on and resumed conversation as he produced cups and made tea.

They sat in the kitchen at the island and chatted. He said he was wanting to decorate but had no idea what colours would go best, admitting his late wife made all these decisions but now was a time to move on. He asked her opinion and admitted he was rubbish at DIY, he knew she was a very good designer and interiors were her strong point and so she made some suggestions and said she could make some time to help if he wished. He jumped at the chance and appeared very grateful saying how much he would appreciate her guidance.

The tumble drier stopped and Liz went across and removed the items, a bra, her panties, denim skirt and top. She turned and thanked him for drying them and turned to get dressed, then smiled at him and tossed him the panties and said 'I think you might like these' then slipped into the bedroom and dressed.

When she came out, Gerry was a bit nonplussed but her smile relieved him, she admitted seeing him sniffing her panties and said that perhaps things could go a little further next time, she kissed him and got the dog and left, giving his cock a little squeeze as she went.

I got the story when she got home and we made love as she related the story. I asked if she was going to fuck him and she said he was probably going to have the chance if the new Gerry was anything to go by, saying he had suffered enough and that life is short. What an astoundingly true statement but one people say but do not always grasp until later in life.

Part two very soon but must go out and get some work done. Next part gets juicy so bear with me