22 Feb 2018

Life as a crossdresser part 2

Since my first part a lot has happened. I love walking out dressed when I can but being married it is all very secretive. Before you say it yes she knows but chooses to ignore it.

My BBW friend has had some health issues but I am down to see her next month. Who knows what I will find.

SH has been a bonus, I go on cam when I can and have even been caught by my wife fully dressed whilst cramming with a guy but luckily she didn't realise. It was a chilly few days after that event.

If I go out at night I try to take clothes with me. Recently I went for a drink and then in the car changed into basque, stockings, heels wig, miniskirt and jacket. I went to the local village parked on the High Street near the bank and then went for a walk round the village before standing at the cash machine to draw some money. Many cars drove by and about 7 or 8 people walked by me on the street. An exciting time.

On SH I made contact with a man who was reasonably local. We arranged to meet at his place one afternoon. He persuaded me to arrive dressed, I didn't need much persuasion…… Lol. I arrived in a red basque and panties, stockings, heels, see through lace top, large false boobs, and a very short yellow mini skirt topped off with a jacket. He answered the door in a lovely dress and showed me upstairs, we only got up 4 steps when the up skirt view took over and we stopped. His hand explored my knickers from front to back and my cock hardened with anticipation.

He showed me into the front bedroom which was a suprise as it had a large panoramic window with a second window to one side of it. A beautiful view for the neighbours but that didn't seem to worry us as it just added to the excitement. I lay on the bed and it wasn't long before a hand was rubbing my cock on top of my black flowery panties. As he rubbed I felt my cock get harder and he continued until finally he eased them to one side and held my cock in his large hand. He gently massaged pulling the foreskin back and forth with his actions.

This was being filmed on my cam by him up to this point and as he took my cock in his hand he gave the camera to me. His head went down and I felt his tongue on my aching tip, his head went further and my cock was completely engulfed by his warm mouth and tongue. His actions were slow and not hurried and I could have cum then but why rush.

I slowly removed his dress, I wanted him naked and actually he could have fucked me there and then and I would have let him.

I got off the bed, in between the windows was a dressing table and I half sat against it. Could the neighbours see, I don't know but he kneeled before me and took my cock deep in his mouth and continued where he left off. I could feel myself cumming as my cock hit the back of his throat time and time again. His tongue was working my shafts and the excitement built until I had no choice but shoot my load down his throat. He continued to lick and clean me up until I had to tell him to stop or my knees would have buckled. OMG it was a wonderful afternoon and one I wish to repeat soon.

Maybe he will take me in the garden next time with him naked and me dressed who knows.