Written by Northeast gut

14 Oct 2012


I was 19 -6ft thin but athletic build she was married 32 long hair 5ft-8ish curvy woman 38c tits hour glass figure.

I think I have posted how she seduced me and our first sexual encounter on hear some where here's few things we got up too

Her hubby used to drink with his mates every Friday night while she was supposed to be drinking in local village instead she was

meeting me in my car

We ed drive to a secluded lovers lane being nearly winter she wore denim knee length skirt soft fuzzy jumper

We parked up both bit nervous in case we saw someone we knew we started kissing my hand sliding under her jumper squeezing her breast pulling back I reached behind her unclipping her black lace bra pushing it up to expose her stiff nipples. She gasped as I began to suck each in turn kissing her breasts licking her cleavage then down to her belly button

I lay her back on the seat kneeling on the drivers seat clicking the passenger seat flat began to kiss her lips neck breasts then down her belly unbuttoning her skirt she lifted her hips slid it down around her ankles I kissed down over her small black lace panties I could smell her damp pussy a mixture of perfume sex juices as I kissed licked it through her panties her head was back pants and whimpers escaped her lips

I pulled her panties to the side her legs already as wide as she could get them in the car and began to explore her shaved pussy with my mouth sucking her pussy lips into my mouth then spreading them apart sucked and licked on her clit

She was breathing heavy now her hips grinding on to my mouth I pressed harder lick ing her faster she began to thrash about" oh fuck I am go na come, you dirty bastard" "fuck fuck ohhh fuck " I felt her belly heave her body shook trembled as she came we lay a few mins still me giving her the odd teasing lick making her jump her clit very sensitive to my touch

"Your turn" she said clicking the driver seat down kissing me her hand on my stomach under my t shirt which she slid up sucking each of my nipples in turn a same time she was unbuttoning my jeans feelingly hard cock through them squeezing around the head before pulling down the zip

Her. Hand slid down pulling my cock into the open the head wet with precum as she slowly pulled back the foreskin she sat back studying my cock in her hand "get your jeans down" she asked I slid them down to my ankles she parted my legs wide then leaning forward licked the slit in my cock making me jump then began to lick around the head now I was breathing heavy trying not to come too soon

Holding the base I one hand she slid her mouth lips down over my cock taking the whole 7" gagging just a little then out licking my length as shed did so before repeating it over getting faster sucking harder making me twitch tense up with pleasure"nearly there" I gasped she lifted her head licking the slit fast wanking me fast she ran her fingernails across my balls towards my bum hole sending me into hip thrusting spas am

The first spurt covering her tongue and up my chest she jumped back not wanting to be covered inky spunk pumping my seed from me as I shuddered to climax

That was a typical Friday night I'd drop her in the village she, d head off home after spending an hour being seen as not to arouse suspicion till I got my van and own place but there other story's