Written by Hardsix

17 Jan 2013

My name is Alan and I have waited a long time to write my story but with a bit of time to spare I thought, why not?

It is probably quite long so I will break it up.

A few years now, back before marriage I was a young guy in my twenties working mainly on boats like trawlers and fishing boats and generally having a good time. One day I was riding my motorcycle (I love bikes) along the freeway when I spotted a guy of about 50 years or so standing beside a Porsche which had a flat tyre. Just as I went past a super horny looking girl stepped around the other side of the Porsche into my view. She was beautiful and he was having a problem so I pulled off the next exit and headed back to see if I could help. A very good decision as it turned out.

It took me about five minutes to get back to the couple. They were glad to see me as the car was fitted with very low profile tyres and with the tyre flat the body was nearly resting on the road. The guy could not get the jack to work so they were stranded. He was about to phone for road assistance but with my help I could lift the car enough to get the jack to work and we soon had the car mobile again. The guy introduced himself as Max and asked what I did for a living. The girl’s name was Kate; she was his “Girl Friday”. When I told him what I did, he straight away offered me a job as the skipper of his pleasure boat and to look after his garage of cars and a few bikes. All his toys as he called them. I did not believe it was real but we exchanged numbers and he said to think about it and to call him. He also gave me fifty dollars for my trouble.

About three days later he called and said he was serious about the job and to come and see him. When I called I found he lived on a large estate with a massive house complete with two pools and a gym. The job he offered came with a flat and the money was similar to what I earned at sea but without the hassles of the weather and seasons. I also found out that he was married , his wife’s name was Nina. She was a nice lady who was also keen for me to come and work for them. He was a building and land developer and as it turned out made a lot of money.

Kate was also there and took part in the conversation as we worked out the details of the job. I had a chance to study her more closely. She was beautiful, very confident and knew how to charm a man. Being a silky blond with fairly large boobs, toned body and legs and arse to die for.

I accepted the job and moved in about a week later and immediately started getting familiar with the cars and bikes, the servicing schedules and all the other running of the estate. I had no set hours and never did, just do what was necessary.

Each evening I would work out in the gym then swim in the pool. After a few days I was joined at the pool by Kate and we had along swim and talked about how I was settling in. This became a regular meeting and I got to know her fairly well. She had worked for Max for about 18months, having been an Air Stewardess before that. Max meet here on a flight and offered her a job in a similar way he did too me.

It became fairly obvious that I would see Max and Kate about in the mornings but each mid afternoon they would disappear into his office section for a couple of hours. As Kate and I were becoming friendlier and I felt at ease with her one evening after a swim and a few drinks I told her I believed that she and Max were sleeping together. She looked at me and I immediately thought I had gone too far and it might even end my new great job. But she smiled and said to me. “My job is the best in the world, I am paid exceedingly well, I travel, I get many gifts and yes he is fucking me and I just love it all”. She told me about previous relationships, about fucking pilots and other air crew when she was a stewardess. She said although she enjoyed the sex she always felt she was being used but now she had the best of both worlds. She also said that Max’s wife was happy with the set up. Nina, the wife did not like sex a lot and about once a month was enough for her. What she did enjoy was the life style of the rich which Max gave her. Max had always had affairs and lovers all their married life.

She was happy that Max had a relationship with Kate as it was safer and he was only sleeping with one other lady. Max and Kate had got together about 5 weeks after she started working for him. She believed he had not intended this to develop that way but they got on so well and he was so nice to her. He showered her with extra gifts and when he gave her a new car she made the move on him and as they say the rest was history.

Nina and Kate had talked about the set up and what used to happen is that Max and Kate would have sex in the afternoon and then Max would have dinner with his wife and spend the night with her. He never slept with Kate if they were all staying on the estate. He would only sleep with Kate if they were away on business, his wife was away or they went down to the boat without the wife.

I took this all in and thought some people are lucky. The following Saturday night Max and Nina went out for the night. Kate said we would grill some steaks after our swim. So I headed for the pool after Max had left and dived in. About five minutes later Kate arrived and stripped naked and walked to the edge of the pool and smiled. I looked up and she asked “are you enjoying this”. To which I squeaked “you bet”. She then waded into the pool and swam to me. She took hold of my trunks and said “you don’t need these”. So we swum for about 20 minutes while making jokes and enjoying the freedom.

When we got out and dried off I was still unsure what would happen. Kate then grabbed her cloths and said” we won’t need these for a while” She then turned and looked my body up and down paying particular attention to my chest and cock and balls. She said with a smile on her face. “I thought you would have all the right equipment but do you know how to use it”. I moved forward and kissed her using my tongue and tasting her beautiful mouth. I then dropped my mouth to her left nipple and teased and sucked it until it was hard. Then I moved to the right and back and forth just savouring the moments. My hand snaked down to her crutch and my fingers explored the folds as her lips opened and I entered her with one finger. My thumb gently massaged her clit which was easy to find. She ground her hips and moaned. I kept up the attack using the moans to work out which moves bought the most pleasure for her, either by my tongue on the nipples or my fingers and thumb in her cunt. Her bum had moved back against a bench which was supporting most of her weight as she leant toward me. The whimpers and grunts were getting louder. I stopped massaging her clit and slipped a second finger into her cunt and began too finger fuck with quick thrusts back and forward. She bucked, screamed and flooded my fingers and hand with juice and I continued until she sort of went limp. I hugged and kissed her with light caresses of my tongue until she settled and regained her composure. Once again that smile and she said “ Oh yeah, I picked a good one here. Let’s go to my place and get serious”.

We grabbed our gear and I steered her to my unit to grab my wallet. I always carry a few condoms in my wallet. I did not want to linger to long and lose the fever of the moment. We rushed through the door of Kate’s apartment and I pushed her back on the bed and once again sucked her nipples. Her nipples were hard and stood very proudly on her large boobs. I kissed down her stomach and my tongue found a very wet cunt. I swirled my tongue around her clit just toying with it lightly. I was not long maybe two minutes when she started to buck and grind back at me. She moaned and gasped which got me going harder and then she flooded my face and tongue with juice. I lapped a lot of it up but some ran down my chin and onto her thighs and onto the bed.

She was very sensitive so I left her clit alone and just licked around the outside of her slit and the top of her legs. I gave little kisses and puffed small breaths on her mound. I then got gamer and started to once again swirl around the clit and began to plunge my tongue into her hole. This time she came even quicker. She bucked, moaned and cried out “fuck, fuck, fuck”. I gave her some space and grabbed my wallet and fished out a rubber. My dick was rock hard and I quickly slipped on the “raincoat”. I then moved my knees between hers and positioned my dick on the lips of her vagina. She reached down and grabbed my dick and shoved it inside her. This was the first time she had touched my dick, not that I minded as I was about giving her as much pleasure as possible. I could not believe I had scored with this beautiful girl and I didn’t want to do anything but my best.

I was on top of her and I moved slowly up and down on her just at a steady rhythm. She obviously enjoyed it as she met my thrusts and kissed me hard and deep using her tongue. My face was covered with her juice and that never bothered her. Between kisses she whispered dirty talk to me which made me even harder. I was going well but had to concentrate hard not to shoot my wad. So after about five minutes I lifted my upper body back and sat back on my knees. I pulled her back at the same time not letting my cock come out of her. I then lifted her legs up on my shoulders and started to fuck making sure I drove in as far as possible. She really liked this and made all the right noises. She put her hands on her hips and her body met every thrust. I really started to pound her. She let out a gasp and shook and shook. I was close to cumming myself so I kept up the pounding. She seemed to rest a bit then started bucking and thrusting back again. I shot my load and gradually slowed down. I dropped her legs down each side of my and eased myself down and kissed her.

She looked into my eyes and once again with a grin said “I really picked a good one here. You really know how to look after a girl”. I answered with a kiss and rested for a minute while I caught my breath. I removed the condom and cleaned myself up with a towel.

After about five minutes of just lying there and cuddling and kissing I said “do you think I should go now?” She looked at me and said “Can you do that again”. I grinned and said “just give me a breather and I am sure I can”. To that she said with a smile “then you had better stay”.

We talked for a little while and I started to work on her nipples again and soon slipped a finger and then another into her. She responded and was soon gasping and moaning again. She then slipped a tongue in my ear and then whispered “Would you mind eating me again that was just fantastic”. No problem and I headed south licking my way down here slender body. I ate her through two more orgasms. My dick was hard again by this time and I then slipped on another condom and pushed myself into her. After a few minutes I got her on all fours and entered her doggy style. She loved this and soon shook and cried out. I went easy for a while then picked up the pace and once again she came. I thought to myself that I must be getting tired. She seemed to read my mind. She said “come on babe cum in me”. I picked up the pace and started to slam into her. I had hold of her hips and really pumped. This took her over the edge again and I quickly followed. I flopped down beside her. This time she rolled the condom off me and said “you were fantastic; we will do this again, maybe tomorrow. Then the smile and a wink and a tongue kiss to remember.

After about ten minutes I gather my things and kissed her goodnight and left her unit and went to mine. I was on a high, I felt fantastic. I didn’t know then but I will tell you now. I married Kate five years later. There is a lot more to this story – to be continued.