Written by hardsix

19 Feb 2013

Following on from the previous 10 parts. My girlfriend, Kate and I are now living together. She is also fucking her boss, Max. Kate and I share a relationship with her friend Sarah and her boyfriend Michael. Sarah also has another lover, Tony. We all have partied together.

I will now jump a bit as things moved along well. As a couple we had lots of sex and we caught up with Sarah and Michael as much as we could. They came to stay overnight many times and we would stay at their place. It is and was very common for me to see Sarah alone and also Kate would fuck Michael if she is in the city and could get away. Tony who was originally Sarah’s part time lover also got to share with us when he was around.

Things with Max went well. We still did the boat trips. Max was worried how it would go. I told him to relax and enjoy Kate. I told him to carryon just like before as it was important that the guys who were the guests thought that Max and Kate were a couple and we all needed to act the same. It all fell into play as once at sea and the clothes came off and everyone enjoyed themselves. The guys all loved to see Kate nude. They had all seen her on business matters fully dressed and she always looked stunning so this was like icing on a cake. Max would get to sneak off and fuck her during the day and later she would come to me. I gave the other girls a miss, not that it worried Kate. It was more of a show for Max.

Kate also would go away on business trips with Max. Of course Max then had Kate to himself and got to spend the whole night with her. They both enjoyed these times but Max never abused the privilege. Kate was always careful to make sure these trips were needed and that they achieved good outcomes for the business. It never worried me as I saw Sarah as I needed to and made up for lost time when they returned.

It all went this way for about 4 years when Sarah and Michael decided to get married. Michael who worked as a Civil Engineer wanted to get into his own business and they wanted to start a family.

The wedding was great. We kept the wedding tradition going in that Michael was not allowed to see the bride the night before the wedding. Tony and I fucked her senseless for most of the night. Kate who was her bridesmaid slept with Michael so he didn’t miss outbut she only let him fuck her once and she wanted him in good form for Sarah on the wedding night. I even met her uncle who had taken Sarah’s virginity at a very young age. I did not let on that I knew but l almost thanked him for his part in turning this beautiful girl into a fuck machine. Incidentally, Sarah caught up with him about a week before the wedding and gave him one last fuck. She told him there would be no more as she was going to be a respectable married woman. Little did he know.

The girls looked fantastic; Sarah wore a very sleek clinging wedding dress which was split up each side nearly to her waist. Kate’s was equally revelling. Both girls did not wear panties as they didn’t want any lines showing. During the signing of the register I saw Michael’s hand dart between her legs and he slipped a finger in. I followed the lead and did the same when I leaned over beside her. She was wet and tasted good.

They immediately set about starting a family. We all continued to fuck one another but myself and Tony had to wear condoms when we had Sarah. This was a drag after years of having a free reign on her body. A few months went by but nothing happened. They had tests and found Michael had a very low sperm count, in fact almost none existent. They were quite devastated.

It was Michael who came to me and Kate and said “I want you to fuck Sarah without a condom and make her pregnant”. He went on to say that we were both blonde and had fair complexion so no one would know the difference. He and Sarah had talked about it and they felt it was the only solution. Kate was all for it but I was worried about how he would feel. He assured us that he wanted it. I agreed and made a joke that I hoped I could for fill the challenge.

We went to their place the next night and kicked off the task. We saw them a lot over the next few weeks and what we did was when we were together, I only came inside Sarah. We then had good news as it had only been three weeks when Sarah said she had missed her period.

After Sarah was pregnant, Kate told me that years earlier when I had first fucked both girls that Sarah told her that she would love to have a baby with me. Kate thought nothing of it but it now seemed like some sort of premonition for what was to happen later.

Sarah never lost her sex drive during pregnancy. In the later stages we used to joke about riding the hump. Of course, doggie style is easier and always one of her favourites.

Kate really enjoyed her mate being pregnant and wanted the same so we set our wedding date for after the baby was born as she wanted Sarah as her bridesmaid. Our wedding was a big affair. Max put a lot of money into it. He also built us a house on the estate. Up until then we had been living in Kate’s unit. The house was a beautiful one, separate and private from the main one.

Soon after returning from our honeymoon Kate had Max start to use condoms when he fucked her. The same went for Tony when he was around. Michael did not have to worry as he was shooting blanks. It didn’t take long and she was soon pregnant so all went back to bareback.

Something that I found I enjoyed and so did Michael was breast milk. We both found fucking Sarah and sucking her nipples at the same time soon had them spraying. She actually worried sometimes she would not have enough for the baby as we had been gluttons. We did the same with Kate after our baby was born.

The girls were both very fit and have always exercised and during pregnancy really stepped up the pace. They both wanted to keep their figures and importantly a tight pussy. It was a nervous time when we resumed sex after each birth. Although we took things slow and easy they were both the same great fuck.

Sarah has had two boys and a girl and Kate, a girl and a boy. I am the father of them all. Years on we have never told Sarah’s kids that Michael is not their father. We really don’t intend to. All the children are now teenagers and are well aware of our lifestyle. They know we all sleep together as they have seen this from a very young age and they are used to it. We never do it in front of them but see us sharing different partners regularly.

The girls have really looked after their bodies and after the family making was finished then they both had a little work on their boobs to restore them very much like they were before. They still look exceptional naked and love to parade about for all our benefit.

When the move to remove pubic hair became fashionable some years back the girls were quick to adopt this style and since then are permanently waxed. The only hair on their bodies is on their heads. This soon carried onto the males and we followed suit. This only improved oral sex for all in our opinion. Max soon had himself waxed once directed by Kate. Tony even convinced his wife to follow suit even though she knew nothing about his extramarital adventures with us. This allowed him to do likewise.

We still work for Max and he still enjoys Kate. He has really looked after us and the children. We want for nothing, he has given us so much we really don’t need to work but we love the life style.

He has sent us on many holidays; we have been all over the world. If it’s a long holiday, say a month then Max will meet us somewhere. Of course his main reason is to see Kate. It doesn’t worry me and Kate enjoys these rendezvous.

Both girls, Kate and Sarah freely admit that they like the variety of cock they get. They say each of us is different and have different techniques, likes and dislikes which keeps everything exciting. There is competition among the males to always satisfy the girls so there is no lazy selfish sex.

I have watched Kate being fucked by Michael and Tony countless times as well as a few others and still enjoy it. I have never seen Max in action and have no desire to although I have seen him touch and handle her when nude on the boat which still excites me.

Max is older and his sex drive is lower now so not as demanding or consistent but he still enjoys Kate’s company fucks her regularly. One could say he has gone from quantity to quality.

Tony is still around; he is not working as much and has moved closer so we see him quite often.

The girls still love to pleasure one another and often have time alone with one another.

As for men, since being married Sarah has only had sex with Michael, Tony and myself.

Kate has had the three of us and Max and we have managed to fit in a few others. On various holidays we have met up with a few nice couples and shared. Condoms of course but still good.

We still enjoy swapping, threesomes, foursomes and fivesomes but what each of the girls likes now and again is to be the only girl with the three guys. We each have her one at a time while the others watch, then the next takes a turn. We usually each have her twice so she is properly fucked at least six times in the session.

Now you are up to date and I hope you have enjoyed it. I know I have. It all started with simply changing a tyre. My wife and her friend are two wonderful and very desirable ladies and with the help of our friends we have what I think is an adventurous life.