Written by hardsix

24 Jan 2013

Following on from the previous 4 parts. I’m Alan and I have been having sex with this incredible girl Kate and she has introduced me to her friend Sarah who is also a knockout. Kate is being fucked by our boss Max as well. I am the skipper of his luxury boat.

I arrived at the estate and was there about half an hour when Max and his wife Nina came home from their night away. Max was keen to go for a ride on one of his bikes so we kitted up and went for about a 2 hour ride through the hills. Max has some fast bikes but he is not a fast rider so I had to wait a few times to catch up.

At about 4 pm Kate arrived back and after she put her bags in her unit she went to the main house. I had been told earlier that we would all have dinner together at the main house.

I turned up about 6 and everyone was very happy. Max said our three day business cruise was arranged in about one week’s time. He said there would be six men and that Kate was arranging women for the three days to entertain them. He said Kate was getting an extra one for me. I didn’t really know what to say but said thanks anyway. Kate told me later that these women were very high class and worked for an exclusive agency. I asked about the one for me. She said “you won’t miss out.

We had dinner and I went back to my unit. About 40 minutes later Kate turned up. We made love in a fairly lazy fashion compared to the rest of the weekend but it was nice. Kate said that after I left her and Sarah that they had talked. Sarah really liked me and really wanted me to fuck her any time I liked. She would square it away with her boyfriend Tony who may or may not be there. Kate told me that if he was there then just have a threesome as she had done that many times with them. She also said if she was there then it would be a foursome and that would be even better.

Kate then told that Sarah had gone to work when she left and was flying that evening. She would be away for a few days as she was on international flights. Kate also told me that she and Sarah had more sex as they were both very horny after the games with me. I got hard straight away.

She also said that Max had fucked her as soon as she went to the main house this afternoon. He always wants her when she returns from a weekend out. Kate told me that Max had told her that he had had sex with Nina on the Saturday so everyone was happy. Nina does not like sex a lot but loves the whole package like massage, dinner, theatre and a posh hotel.

Over the next week things carried on as normal with Kate and I getting together each evening.

We then headed down to the boat on the following Tuesday. What the trip would entail is that we would all stay at the house and use the boat for day trips. Caterers and cleaners would clean the house and boat each day so we only had to enjoy ourselves.

The men arrived in taxis after we got there. Most had flown in that morning. The ladies arrived shortly after. Max and Kate had done well as they were all lookers and seemed to have nice professional attitudes.

Max told everyone to relax and to enjoy themselves. His briefing included that Kate was his and his only and that Kate and I were part of his team to make sure we had everything they needed and desired. They just had to ask. He also said that the girls would share themselves around and he told the guys not to get hung up one anyone particular. He also told everyone about the clothes optional rule once we got to sea.

After we all came on board I headed the craft out of the harbour and soon had her cruising along nicely. The girls including Kate had stripped down to their tiny bikinis. What a sight. I sounded the horn when Max gave the word for clothes optional. He and Kate immediately lost theirs. The other girls quickly followed and slowly the men. It took some a few hours but by the time we stopped for lunch we were all naked. The staterooms near the rear deck were kept busy and most of the guys could not keep their hands off the girls and each soon slipped away into the rooms to fuck one of them. I had boat things to do so I was busy. Kate and I served lunch and everyone except me had some drinks. No one wanted to fish so we just cruised and the girls entertained for the afternoon.

Back on shore that evening we had dinner and after the cleaners had left and the boat was restocked for the next day I went into the house. One lovely girl called Jodie if I remember right said that she had been instructed by Max to take care of me. I did not argue.

She and I fell into bed and I fucked her. I wore a condom but she was good. I did not have to do much work and she seemed to enjoy it as well. If not she was a great actor. When we woke next morning I fucked her again. A good way to start the day.

The next day was similar to the first but this time we did do some fishing as the guys were wearing themselves out with all the fucking. We caught some nice fish which we cooked that evening. That night I slept with a different girl. I think her name was Eva. I had more energy as it had been an easier day. After I fucked her the first time she said “Do you want to fuck my arse?” Why not I thought. She had some lube, so after a while I eased myself back into her cunt then put a bit of lube on her bum and my cock and just lifted her legs a bit and slowly pushed in. She felt good and she played with her clit while I ground away. She really did seem to like it and I filled my condom as she writhed under me.

After a short cruise the next day and the guys got to spend some more time with the girls we headed back and tied up the boat. The men packed and left. Max was very happy, he told me that it had been a complete success. The men we had entertained would make one of his developments possible as they would smooth out all the government and zoning type problems that would occur.

He told me that I had done an excellent job and that I would be rewarded. I said but I am paid well. He said “Just get used to it”.

I must admit I never thought that I would ever have a job like this one. I was fucking Kate, she had introduced me to Sarah and I got to fuck her. I skippered this fantastic boat and had even got to fuck two of the five girls on the cruise. All this was pretty hard to take. Like hell it was.

More soon.