Written by hardsix

27 Jan 2013

Following on from the previous 5 parts. I’m Alan and I have been having sex on the quiet with this incredible girl Kate. I got to fuck her and her friend Sarah. Kate is being fucked by our boss Max as well.

A few days after we got back from our cruise, Max and Kate flew away to the site of Max’s next big development. He needed to get things moving with some of the people he had just entertained.

They would be gone four days so I was going to have an easy time.

One the night before they left and on the few previous nights I fucked Kate twice. I figured that she was going away and that I would miss out so I may as well get into my share now. Before she went back to her unit she told me to be sure to contact Sarah. She told me that she had talked to her and Sarah was expecting me to hook up with her and was looking forward to it. Sarah would flew in the next day and then have some time off. After a day or so her boyfriend Tony would be there and I could meet him. “It’s all arranged so just do it” she said.

I dropped Max and Kate at the airport the next morning and then had a very easy day swimming and using the gym for a while. After lunch I rang Sarah as arranged and she said to come in that evening and spend the night with her.

I arrived at her place about 6.30 and when she opened the door she looked amazing. She had this bright yellow sun dress on. It was very short and she was not wearing a bra either. Her olive skin against the bright material almost made my tongue hang out. I had picked up a few beers and a bottle of wine on the way and these were in my hands. She asked me in and as I was half way through the door she kissed me hard on the lips. Her boobs were pressed against the bottles and when we parted she said “oh there cold but it feels good”. I put the bottles on the table and she said with a wink “do you want a drink or will we catch up first”. That was enough for me and I quickly stashed the booze in the frig and spun around and grabbed her. We were in her lounge and as I rubbed her arse through her dress I couldn’t feel any panties. I ran my hand under the hem and sure enough it was bare bum.

I wasted no time and my fingers parted the folds between her legs and found her juicy cunt. Her box was hot and my fingers easily opened her up. My other hand pulled the top of the dress down and my mouth dropped from hers and l latched onto her left nipple. I was kind of supporting half her weight as she had bent her left leg to give me access to her pussy. I started to pump with my fingers and she groaned and whimpered and very soon gasped and bucked. My hand became even wetter.

There was a two seater lounge in the middle of the room and I guided her over to the back of it and bent her headfirst over it. Her feet (or I should say toes) were still on the ground and her waist was over the seat back. Her head was over where you sit. I quickly dropped my jeans and jocks to the floor and my now rigid cock was pointing directly at her cunt. I told myself to take it slowly but she seemed to drag me in. Pretty soon I was pumping away. I had hold of her waist and used to pull her back and my hips thrust forward. She was enjoying it and making a fair bit of noise. As a matter of fact she was screaming, I though some one would call the police. I felt her shake and then she continued to shudder, it went on and on. I keep pounding and I could feel my own cum building. It came from the bottom of my balls I reckon. I shot into her and pumped till the sensation stopped.

I sort of flopped on top of her but was careful not to put too much weight on her beautiful body.

I then lifted her straight and turned her around and said “How’s that for starters”. “Unbelievable “she replied. We must have looked a site. I was standing facing her only wearing a t shirt with my shrinking shiny cock covered with our combined cum and juice. She had her dress around her waist with the hem just covering her crutch. Globs of my white cum were running down in sort of streams toward her knees. She lifted her dress hem and looked at the sticky mess. She then wiped some up with her fingers and placed them in her mouth. She looked at me and said “I love your taste”.

I grinned back at her and said “I keep finding these bad, bad girls. Aren’t I lucky”. We both laughed.

She hobbled of the bathroom to clean up and I followed. We both showered and never bothered to put any clothes back on. We had a few drinks and some snacks to eat. We talked for hours before heading for the bedroom.

She told me that like Kate she loved sex and she wished she had it more regular. Her airline friend Tony was great and she was sure he loved her but she was also sure that he would never leave his wife and come to her. She was ok with this as she knew the circumstances when they first started. The sex with Tony was good but she hoped something more permanent would turn up and soon. I told her I was only too happy to be at her beck and call which made her laugh. Kate has the best of worlds, you and Max. She also told me she had had sex for the first time at a very young age when an uncle screwed her. She loved it right from the first time. The uncle, her mother’s younger brother had been very gentle and she still saw the guy now and family gatherings. She still let him fuck her if they could get away without being missed. They both laugh about it now as he has daughters older than the age when he first screwedher now.

We then went to bed and I immediately went down on her and ate her till she came. I remembered her reaction to my finger in her bum when we had a threesome so I licked along her slit and across her arse and round and round her button. This sent her wild. I eased my hand under my chin and pushed them into her cunt and continued to lick and tongue her tight hole. She came again and I was ready to fuck as my dick was rock hard. When I slid up the bed she said “can I suck him, I would love to suck your cock” I was ok with that and said “go ahead but I’d like to come inside you. I mean in your pussy”.

She was very good at sucking cock, she could have blown me very quickly but she could read the signs and would back off and wait then start again. I really wanted to cum again so I lifted her head up and kissed her. I could taste my cock taste on her lips. I rolled her over and slid between her legs and pushed my cock into her. She was still very wet from when I ate her. I pumped in and out for probably about ten minutes or so then I spied some KY jelly on her bedside table. “Can I try the other hole “I asked. She just nodded and I grabbed some lube and put some on my fingers and rubbed it on my cock and her bum. I then lifted her bum slightly and rested my cock head at the entrance and eased it in very slowly. It probably took me about five minutes to get in full length. Once in I started to pull back and then slowly push it right as far as I could. She liked that and I played with her clit with my left hand and supported my weight with my right. I knew I would not last long as she was very tight and she could squeeze me as well. I came and shot a load right into her arse.

My cock went soft inside her and I just let it fall out. I lay back and she grabbed some tissues and cleaned herself up and then me. I said I think we both need a shower after that.

After the shower w both collapsed back on the bed and soon fell asleep. Next morning I fucked her doggy style when we woke.

After a shower and some breakfast she told me that Tony would be in town today and for the next few days. I already knew that from Kate. Sarah asked if I could give her tonight with Tony and she would fill him in with what had happened and the next night we could all catch up and party. She assured me he would be ok with everything. No problem with me and we had a long kiss and I left and headed back to the estate.

More soon.