Written by hardsix

13 Feb 2013

Following on from the previous 8 parts. I have been fucking this beautiful girl Kate who incidentally is being fucked by her boss, Max. Max does not know that Kate and I are together. I am also screwing her friend Sarah and have had threesomes with both girls. Sarah is also being fucked by a part-time lover, Tony. I have partied with them.

Sarah rang Kate and told her that Tony would be in town with work this week and wanted to catch up. The four of us had never partied together but myself and the girls had talked about it. Things worked out that Max was busy so Kate went to see them one afternoon. I turned up shortly after and we had an incredible three hours.

The girls were all over Tony and me and soon both were sucking us. This was a lot of fun and we swapped, changing partners. First Kate sucked me and Sarah sucked Tony and then we swapped. Neither of us wanted to cum as we both wanted to last so next we turned the tables on the girls and ate their pussies. We swapped back and forth making sure they came. Tony wanted to fuck Kate as it had been a while since he had had the pleasure. He mounted her doggie style and I climbed onto Sarah. The girls we beside one another but facing each other and could kiss and play with each other’s boobs.

After a while Tony and I swapped girls and resumed fucking away. This caused some laughter so when everyone had settled down again we swapped again and remained that way until both Tony and I both came. That was pretty amazing. Both girls have beautiful bodies, tight pussies and put a lot into it when they are being fucked but both feel very different. To screw them together like that enables you to know the difference and respond to each ones likes, amazing.

We rested for a while and I started to nuzzle and play with each of the girl’s pussies. Both were wet with cum. I could taste the difference between Tony and me and mixed with the girls juices, it certainly could be called a cocktail. You can call it a creamie but I don’t mind doing it, in fact I enjoy it.

But forget about me as my activities stirred the girls and they played with each other and me. Tony enjoyed watching but joined in and we soon had the girls squirming and gasping. We could have done something similar as before but I whispered to Sarah. “Can you handle it if both Tony and I fuck Kate together”? She quickly agreed as she knew what I had in mind as she had had both of us together on a previous occasion.

I pushed Kate onto her back and slid my cock straight into her. Tony and Sarah kissed her and massaged her tits. Kate was the centre of attention and was really enjoying it. After about five minutes I pated Tony on the back and offered to him to take over. He slid into her and as he started to thrust I told him to roll over on his back. With Kate on top I started to massage and then tongue her bottom. She really responded to this and I wet my fingers and worked them into her arse. Sarah handed me some lube and I spread it on my fingers and worked it in. Then I put some more on my cock and I started to enter her. She was very excited but relaxed.

All this time Tony was pumping up and down slowly from underneath. When I was fully engaged I started to withdraw. We both took it slowly and Kate was on cloud nine. Although she may have been a bit nervous to start with she soon forgot that and started to move between us. Tony and I got into sequence so we were sandwiching her between us as we stroked back and forth. She came and came. She literally screamed, she breathed hard as if it was too much for her. This set Tony and me off and we pumped hard. I could feel his cock rubbing on mine and only separated by millimetres of her flesh. It was too much for me and I let fly and shot into her arse. Tony must have followed seconds later. When we stopped we rested for a minute or two than I slowly pulled my shrinking cock from her tight hole. She then moved off Tony and lay back with her legs apart and with both holes exposed. What a sight. I leant forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

She moaned very quietly into my ear “that was fantastic, you are marvellous, you are special, I think I love you”. What could I say? I just kissed her again.

Kate and I headed off and made our own way back to the estate so we didn’t arrive together. The next day I went back to Sarah’s and we made up for her for missing out and both Tony and I had her in a very similar way that we had Kate.

When I was leaving Sarah’s I met a guy who was looking at the car I was driving. It was one of Max’s, a BMW. He said “My name is Michael and I live here and I see you here fairly often. Are you the boyfriend of the girl in 107”. “No” I said “I am just a friend with benefits”. He looked at me then said “There is another chap that sometimes is here, as a matter of fact I saw him this morning.” I laughed “yes he is another friend and he has benefits too”. That was a bit much for him.

I told Kate about my conversation with Michael and of course she told Sarah. We all thought it funny. I ran into Michael a week or so later when I was leaving Sarah’s and she happened to be with me. I introduced her to him. To cut a long story short, he asked Sarah out.

When I called a few days later Sarah told me that Michael had screwed her and she liked him. He was about my age, well built, quite good looking and blonde hair. Things started to develop for them although Sarah told Kate and me that although Michael was a lovely guy he was very naive and not the greatest lover. Now there was a challenge.

After about a month or so Michael moved in with Sarah and we all got very friendly. Michael got to fuck Kate and like me he could not believe his luck meeting these super girls. I talked to him a lot and discussed and somewhat coached him in skills department. He did learn quickly. What did change though is that Tony would visit but always stayed at a motel nearby. Some nights he stayed all night but Sarah and Michael were a couple now and he respected that. Michael was not jealous and it all fitted in well. On a number of occasions we all partied together. That was Michael, Tony and I all fucking the two girls over and over again. They loved that.

More soon.