Written by tattieman

2 Oct 2013

This happened when I was 19,full of testeterome which I thought was only for girls!!One Sat night walking home alone having had no luck with the ladies a older guy about 45 stopped and asked if I would like a lift home,i got in and right away knew that he had something more than a lift on his mind. Up until then I thought I was 100% straight although I had had the occasional wank thinking what it would be like with a man,anyway Larry took me home to my house,as we parked we were chatting away when he asked if I wanted to go for a run? Don't know what came over me I just nodded and off we went,he took me to what I now know is woods where gay men meet(something I have done hundred's of times since. We parked up and we both went outside for a piss, I was shaking like a leaf not knowing what the heel was I doing here and what the hell was going to happen,he made a comment about the size of my cock when we were outside the car,when we got back in he tried to kiss me which I didn't want to do(I now love kissing guys),he started rubbing the inside of my leg which started a stirring in my pants,i made no effort to stop him and soon he had my cocck in his hands,what a wonderful feeling but that was nothing compared to when he put it in his mouth,truely sensational, I tried to make it last as long as I could before I erupted in his mouth,he spat it out the car door saying he had never had so much cum in his life before,i bet he said that to all the guys!! We cleaned up and he took me home,however when we parked outside my house he got me hard again which with the drink was unusuall for me and I came again.The next week I wasn't to bothered about taking a girl home as I was now going looking for Larry again,more on that later. That was the beginning of 30 years of cock fun but the first is always the best.xxx