Written by Mrs

26 Jun 2017

A few years ago I was with a man who was 8 years older than me. I was quite young and inexperienced so he enjoyed introducing me to a few things. He loved getting me dressed up in all sorts of sexy outfits and adored the long coat and long boots look. I always dressed up when he asked me to so one night I thought I'd surprise him and take the lead. He was out with his mates and I was picking him up later that evening. Whilst he was out I got myself all dressed up in my sexiest underwear long coat and high boots and went to collect him. As I walked into the pub I could see all his mates turning round knowing full well what I was up to. His face was a picture totally stunned. Trying to call my bluff he asked if I wanted a drink so I said why not and sat down crossing my legs as my coat parted at the bottom revealing my suspender strap. I sat there chatting to his mates watching his eyes almost bulge out of his head. Once the drinks were finished we walked back to the car with 3 of his mates to drop them home. As I walked towards the car I undid my coat so when I turned round to let them in the car they could see everything. Still smiling and acting as if nothing was wrong I waited until they were in the car then took off my coat asked them to hold onto it in the back and drove each one of them home. My ex was stunned, my cunt was soaking and we fucked long and hard all night long xx