23 Apr 2016

I have had the pleasure of assisting my girlfriend, now my wife, to engage in fun with a few guys in the past and recent situations have been rather good. However Liz arrived home from work to give me a shock. Out of her normally shy character she told me she had allowed a guy to chat her up. I took a little time to realise she was meaning that she had arranged a date with him partly because I was concentrating on a delicate electrical repair and did not want to mess up the wiring especially as I am not a natural sparky. She went past me into the bathroom and I heard the water running. My mind ran through picking up the pieces of conversation as I tested my handiwork and eureka, no flash bang wallop, a perfect job.

I retired downstairs to make a cuppa and then took one up to her too. As I entered the room, bath full of bubbles and my lovely wife shaving her legs and generally pampering herself. She looked at me and then said I didn't mind did I? I asked what she meant and her eyes looked to the skies and I was accused of being deaf for the umpteenth time. Now i have probably lost some of the range of hearing but only find it difficult if I am called to multitask, ie if I am doing something I concentrate on that alone and background noise is just that. I do have selective deafness of course if asked to do something I would rather not do.

Back to the plot. Liz said she had been chatting to a guy who was going on his Harley to the coast that evening along with forty other bikers, all of whom were at that point gathering in the village before taking a leisurely ride to one of their meeting points on the east coast. As it was summer and a beautiful day for a change, I grinned at her and asked if he was intending getting into her knickers. Her reply was 'If I wear any, yes'. I smiled and gave her a kiss and checked her shaved pussy, it had already been treated to a very smooth finish. We chatted and she let on that he had snogged her as she closed her shop after he had been in there for over an hour and that they had rubbed up against each other in a more than friendly fashion.

I was delighted that she had taken the initiative and told her so to a wicked smile and the promise she would tell all when she got back. time was getting on and her mobile rang downstairs. I took it up to her and as she got out of the bath I was treated to her gorgeous size twelve body reddened by the hot bath water and dripping suds as she towelled herself off. i said I would leave her to her dressing and then returned down to the lounge. Twenty minutes later she was down in her leathers and had a mini kilt over it, looking very sexy too although i preferred stockings and suspenders to the leather look but that is just me.

She got her helmet and jacket and asked me to run her to the car park where he was going to be with his mates. i was curious as to what he looked like anyway so had no compunction about taking her. Five minutes later we pull into the car park where around thirty or more big bikes thudded in readiness for the ride. Liz told me to stop at the edge of the car park and as the bikes were buzzing round like very deep sounding bees, it was safer to stop a decent distance away. nobody was looking as they were chatting to each other through lifted visors. Her man Chris was looking away so he was not going to see me but his GI helmet gave him away. A fairly big guy, Liz tapped him on his shoulder and he spun round and hugged her then introduced the others who were close by, I just watched the commotion and sat quietly with my car parked in reverse position and blended in with the other empty cars.

With a throaty roar they set off in pairs and threes past me and away out of the car park coast bound. As his Harley thudded past Liz looked at me and waved. A couple of minutes later the car park was silent and she was off across the moors with her date. I returned home, everything eerily silent after that impressive tumult of sound. It was half past seven and I estimated they would be at the sea's edge within fifty minutes.

That delicious game of wait and dream now took over. Whenever she is with a date I speculate as to what she might be doing at that precise time, A wander to our bedroom I noticed a thong on the bed, clean unused, I now wondered if they had been forgotten or ignored. my dirty mind confirmed she was going to be fucked this night and this was a little confirmation. The evening sun dipped but as with a bright day like this, the yellowing sky remained clear and night refused to arrive. At just after eleven I got a text from her along with a picture to my mobile. She was naked and her cunt was seeping a white mixture, obviously spunk. Her text read 'very full. had two of his mates helping out too'

I was in heaven, my lovely wife had been unfaithful not just with one, but three guys in the same night. I was delighted and my cock twitched, fit to burst. I sat happily thinking of all the dirty things they had done together and was impatient for the full story but the picture and the message kept me going until she walked back in the door almost two hours later.

I sat her down with loving kisses, tasting the salty texture of something on her lips. She said sorry for being late but I shushed her and suggested we got naked. She kicked off her shoes and removed her leather trousers, a large white stain spread down the thighs, her inner thighs were very red indicating she had been well used. Her top came off and a base layer and she was braless. Naked she stood looking at me as I wanked my stiff cock in front of her. I sat her down and asked her to reveal her secrets.

They had arrived at Cayton Bay and all gone down to a cove with nobody else around. Some went to a pub for a drink and others rode on towards Scarborough and then Whitby. Liz was soon with Chris and the other two riders who they had journeyed over the Moors with. Chris suggested they make a fire as there was a fair amount of brushwood around after some hedge clearing. It was getting colder as the sun was hidden by the cliffs. At the base of the cliff there was a decent hollow where they would be undetected from above.

Soon the guys had a good blaze going and plenty of brush and some small dry branches from dead trees so as the evening darkened the glow of the fire was welcome. There was plenty of banter and then Chris said Liz was now to be initiated into the circle, the three guys huddled around her. Chris then said it was truth time and she had to be honest with all her answers. She agreed having a more than shrewd idea what was about to occur. Chris immediately said his questions were of a sexual nature and she needed to be truthful or she had to pay a forfeit. His first question was did she like sex? yes. Have you had men other than your husband? yes. So was she unfaithful? yes and no, she had lovers but her husband knew. This had the guys excited. Did her husband know about tonight? yes. Do you expect us to fuck you? yes. Chris then said he thought she was ready for the full initiation and that they were going to fuck her straight away. They removed her clothes piece by piece and cheered when they saw her braless and knickerless. Chris turned to the other two and said 'I reckon I have picked a perfect lay' She was laid on a rug close to the fire and the men stripped naked at her insistance saying if she was naked then it was only fair. Graham had his phone out and took pictures and Chris and Dave got busy licking her cunt and playing with her large tits. Chris fucked her first, then Dave followed by Graham. The fire died down and they dressed but agreed to stop in some woodland they knew on the way back for another fuck. So it was they rode for twenty miles then took her again one by one and then again in our village car park in a dark corner where a dog walker got the shock of his life but hung around until she had each of them for a third time, then he walked away with his little white dog.

Since she told me this story i take particular note of all dog walkers with white terriers