Written by kerrie

2 Oct 2007

afternoon to you all older men .

I would like to thank you all for rating my story on here ,when i went out with friends and i let some old guy fuck me in the gents toilets , well i have been back to that pub since that night ,and had a wonderful time with other older men ,like last friday me and a friend went out up the city of milton keynes and then we just dropped into the pub on the way home there was only few men in there we stood at the bar when i felt this hand go up my skirt . it was the other guy who i had already sucked him off one night outside of pub in the carpark he said that his cock is hard and could i sort it out for him ,oh yes so we went outside of the pub me and my friend and he got to have us both ,sucking on him he didt take too long to cum then he started to finger us both i was getting so dam wet ! i just wanted a good hard fucking but then people started to come out of the pub so then he said lets go back to mine its just down the road ,so we said alright back at his flat we was fucked hard all night ,IM playing with my hot tight pussy here writing this so you all older horny men out there would you like a slut like me sucking you off ?