Written by Jazzy1969jay

28 Jan 2009

I was out of work about 2 years ok and saw an advert looking for limo drivers, i rang the company and after an interview was offered the job. Part of the job was to clean the limo's and then driver them later on the jobs. The other cleaner told me about one of the drivers and the back of a stretch hummer.

About a week later i was doin a job and it was for ten women on a birthday trip, they kept asking what extra's we did but i just played along until it came time to drop them off. I pulled into the far end of the carpark to turn round and let them out, they all got out and walked off. I got into the back to sort out the glasses and bottles and them 2 of the woman got back in and we started talking, they asked if it was true about the back of limo's, i said that it had never happened to me. They soon changed that, they took it in turns to kiss kiss and i was getting hard. One of them got on her knee's and undid my trousers and pulled then down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked for what seemed like ages, the other lifted her skirt and i started to finger her wet pussy. They got me onto the first one sat on my cock and rode me till i came up her-.

She got off and as my cock slipped out her mate took it in het mouth and sucked the spunk and cunt juice off it and kept me hard, then she got on all fours and told me to fuck her doggy style. I did not need asking twice, i slid up her and started to pump away. As i was doin this the first one layed on her back and open her legs, the one that i was fucking lowered her face and started lick out all the spuck and cunt juice out of that wet pussy.

That was the first time for me in the back of a limo and i stayed in the job for about 9 months and have lots more to tell, maybe at a later date.