Written by Frankie

29 Dec 2010

Linda had asked me to call round one day as she had something to show me.After a little small talk i asked what it was she had to show me so she stood and pulled her woolen dress over her head to reveal her naked body-no surprise there as id seen her before but as she turned toward me i felt a thrill to see a silver ring through each nipple.My reaction was wow does that hurt?

Linda stated it stung initially but once that wore off she found herself orgasming every time she ran up a flight of stairs and loved her piercings so much she had also had her clit done which she then showed me.By now i had my cock out and was wanking and fingering Linda at the same time but a knock at the back door rudely interrupted us.A look out the window revealed a parcel van Linda said she was expecting a parcel that week but could do without it now i said if you dont get it now you'll have to go to the depot for it so go answer the door i can wait.

Linda reached for her dress but i grabbed it and told her to go as she was she began to refuse but i said he'll be gone soon and i wont fuck you if you dont do it!The guy must've thought all his birthdays had cum at once as Linda opened the door a fraction and signed for the package he must have got an eye full!When Linda returned from the kitchen she was flushed with embarrasment but horny as fuck and jumped on me without any hesitation we began to fuck like rabbits.

She was soaking wet and i lubed my cock end in her cunt and began to ease it up her arse when shit someone at the door again a quick look revealed the same van.I told Linda to hurry and see what he wanted which she did starkers again.I became impatient when she didn't come straight back so i walked to the kitchen and heard Linda saying that a parcel he was holding wasn't hers tho he insisted it was as he leered at her trying to see more around the only partial open door.Fuck this i said and took the door handle from Linda as the guy stepped back looking a bit shocked.I pulled the door wide open and told him to come in and lets sort out the problem.

He did hesitantly and i closed the door behind him do you want to fuck her i demanded he stammered a yes okay lets get on with it then.I resumed fucking Linda doggy while she sucked him hard then i lay on the floor and eased my cock back up her arse as he drove into her wet cunt.

we hammered her back and front as hard and as long as we could me cumming first up her tight bum and then him up her cunt while she moaned and screamed in ecstasy as he climbed off her Linda gasped she needed to cum again so with my cock still in her i reached round and rubbed her pierced clit as fast as i could at which point she convulsed squeezing my cock with her arse and squirting a jet of her own cum and the delivery mans spunk about 3 feet across the carpet.

We all cleaned up she saw the guy off still naked and came back into the lounge holding a cucumber about 10 inches long.......but thats another story i will tell only if anyones interested you guys must be bored with us by now