Written by Jaxii

3 Dec 2017

I've been very lucky in our marriage, my wife before we married was quite happy to let other men look up her dress to her knickers, she knew I had this fetish and was happy going along with it.

It started when we first went out together, and got to know know each other, I explained that other men looking at her turned me on, after a while asked her

her if she would take it further and let someone watch me touching her, she wasn't sure so I dropped the subject. After a time I approached the subject again, you don't mind men looking up your dress, she said it was a turn on knowing it excited me.

I always fucked her while she had her underwear on, I loved the feel of her stockings and knickers as I slid inside her, we got married and settled down to married life, we both worked and only saw each other at evenings, this is what life was like in those days if you wanted a reasonable life.Christmas was approaching and we spoke about presents, I asked what she would like, some new underwear but you've got to buy it and surprise me, and I might have a surprise for you.

I went to M and S and looked through feeling a perv, I choose the items that turned me on,white lacy bra matching knickers and frilly petticoat, white suspenders and black stockings..

Christmas morning came and we opened our presents, I'd got her a few other bits and pieces, I opened mine and got what I ask for, waiting to see her open the main presant already giving me a hard on, she opened the box, and pulled out each piece and ran her hand through the material knowing it was getting to me. Eventually she pulled out the petticoat, wow forgot how much this turned you on, she ran her hand over the lacy hem, I bet you can't wait to see me in your present, as soon as possible.

What's your surprise, well I've been asked out by a man at work for a drink after new year, I know you've always wanted me to see someone else why the change, are you still sure, of course I replied. I said I want every detail when you get back, b ut don't rush things, she packed away her present for her night out.

The night came and she looked gorgeous, a dark blue dress over all the new underwear, I dropped her off at a pub about thirty minutes from us in case anyone recognised her, she sat with her dress pulled up to her stockings showing her suspenders and the crotch of her knickers I dropped her off and waited at home.

She had told him her friend was dropping her off as her car was in for a service, I couldn't wait for her to get back she arrived home about three hours later.

She came in a bit worst for wear and sat next to me, how did it go, she said they sat and spoke about work but after a couple of drinks, things got more personal, he asked me did my husband know we were out no he thinks I'm with a girlfriend. He then put his hand on my thigh and felt my suspenders through my dress, wow haven't felt those for a long time, as he did my dress moved up and he could see my petticoat, his fingers felt the lace on the hem, I explained that you had an underwear fetish, don't blame him.

I said I had to leave, I'll drop you off, ok but just up the road, we stopped, he lent over and kissed me, his hand went up my dress to my knickers, he found my Clit through the material and I soon came. We made another arrangement for next week. She moved her dress up and opened her legs, I felt her wet knickers, do you like them knowing another man has made me come, of course, she pushed me back and said wank yourself off looking at me, I was already hard and sat wanking off to her underwear and damp knickers, I soon came. We spoke the next day and spoke about her next adventure, but I did remind her that I still wanted to watch, I'll be in touch