Written by Dave-walker

23 Feb 2015

This is the second part of my story I posted a couple of weeks ago, as I explained my wife and I were in the process of an amicable divorce we were still living together but sleeping in seperate bedrooms. After an hour of chatting he got up to go to the loo on his way back i saw his rather impressive cock on the way back to her bedroom, fat and probably 8inches maybe much bigger than mine anyway no wonder she'd been moaning so loud.

A few minutes of loud kissing followed by movement, moments later a loud groan and oh yeah thats so good obviously getting his cock sucked by Rachael again this went on for a while I was wanking again as I knew what I was missing, then she stopped as there was more movement and a loud moan and a cry of oh fuck yeah that's so good, oh yeah that's so fucking deep I knew I had to creep out to try and look through the crack in the door, as before I wasn't disappointed Rachael had her back to me and was squat over his big cock again sliding up and down slowly, he was feeling her tits and then sucking on her huge erect nipples Until he turned her over and got her on all fours and slammed his cock into her.

She screamed loudly as she orgasmed as he continued to pound her I daren't touch my aching cock or I would have cum straight away, I watched on as he probed her arse with his thumb slowly working its way slightly in, I expected her to object as I'd only managed to fuck her in the arse once and she said she didn't like it and always refused if I ever tried it again.

Obviously wanting to please her young lover she just moaned and sighed loudly as he pulled his cock out and eased the tip of his cock In her arse very slowly, that's it yeah, ow ow gently, oh yeah she said loudly until he was all the way in, he then started fucking her again slow and gentle at first I've never seen or heard Rachael in such ecstasy as he built up a hard and fast rhythm, after about ten mins of hard fucking he shot his load in her arse, I decided it was time to hide between the wall and bed again while the were both still panting and laying back down.

I heard him say that was amazing, then Rachael amazed me by giggling and saying I can't believe you came in my arse I hate that, bloody hell she must do it all the time now as I'd never got the chance to cum the one and only time I'd fucked her there, it was then I couldn't hold back I wanked my cock till it exploded all over the floor for the second time that night.

They fell asleep and I lightly dozed until I woke up hearing them fucking again must have just been a quickie though as it was soon over.

He soon left as did Rachael to collect our daughter, when she returned an hour later I was in the kitchen pretending I'd just arrived home, did you have a good night I asked? Not really she replied I came home early as I wasn't feeling well and had an early night, I smiled to myself knowing full well she still had that young lads spunk in both holes.

Two weeks later she went out as usual I stayed in not expecting her home till 4ish as normal, however around 1 I heard the door open and close and I was sure I heard someone else as the great thing about drunk people is they think they are being quite but in reality they aren't.

Up the stairs she came trying not to make a noise, and as she passed my door to get to her bedroom I knew she had someone with her my cock immediately sprang to life as this was the first time she had brought someone back knowing I was there.

I quietly went to lay on the floor by the door as I thought I might hear more through the gaps in the door, shhhh I heard her whisper trying to stifle a giggle then silence broken by loud kissing and what sounded like a belt buckle and the pulling of buttons then a quite hmmmm and some gasping, must be on her knees sucking his cock I could only imagine.

Shortly after some slightly louder groaning I heard them putting I assumed was the duvet on the floor as the bed creaked quite loudly, after a while they were laid on the floor at the other side of the door It was Rachaels turn to quietly moan or so she thought, as he was clearly licking her soaking wet bald fanny she was gasping oh yeah that's so good oh yeah.

A good ten minutes past as he then started to fuck her in a semi whisper he said to her this beats a quick blow job down lovers lane doesn't it, she just moaned as his ball's slapped against her, bloody hell I thought, how much cock does she get nowadays as this was clearly a different one from the two weeks previous, then he semi whispered just think your husbands the other side of that wall, what he say if he knew you was being fucked senseless right now, she moaned loudly and gasped harder harder oh yeah that's it fuck me fuck me, after a bit more movement they started again this time even louder as he was fucking her doggy and she must of had her head buried in the duvet he even slapped her arse, once again it went quite until I heard him whisper oh yeah take it, take it, oh fuck yeah, suck it, suck it, he then moaned loudly as I assume he came in her mouth,

he then got dressed and still trying to be quite he left, I looked out of the window to see who it was but I didn't recognise him although like the other lad he looked young. The next morning again I asked if she had a good night, not too bad she replied a bit sheepish, oh that's good I was knackered and had an early night was it late when you got in as I never heard you, Rachael seemed rather pleased when i said that she thought she'd got away with it.

I have part 3 I'll try write it up as soon as possible if you want m