Written by G_VT

18 May 2012

My hubby and i very rarely get a night out together so last week we arranged an overnight babysitter and headed into town for dinner and a few drinks. The drinks were soon flowing and i began to get very, very turned on! i started to tell G exactly what i wanted to do to him and reaching under the table could tell he approved but wanting to build the excitement, i sat opposite him so we couldnt reach each other and get too carried away in the pub! We jumped in a taxi and very cooly chatted to the driver all the way back to our home town, got him to drop us a little way from our house so we could walk the rest of the way through a long, quiet, dark lane. As soon as we were away from the main road my husband stopped and pulled me close for a long deep kiss, i felt his hands lift my dress and slide inside my tights, i was so wet and he gently rubbed my clit before sliding 2 fingers deep inside me, moving faster and deeper until i came on his hand. We then noticed a police car parked at the other end of the lane so swiftly moved on! Closer to home is another lane, with no roads for police cars to drive down lol so i took G's hand and we found a shaded spot behind an old tree, he was rock solid and i couldnt wait to taste him, i dropped to my knees(in the mud! shows how drunk i was)

pulled his huge cock from his trousers and slowly licked the tip as i wanked him very slowly at first then taking as much of him in my mouth as i could, sucked and licked his dick, played with his balls, sucking faster and deeper until he exploded in my mouth, i swallowed his hot wet cum and licked my lips before getting back up and taking off my now dirty tights and knickers so he could play with me. I was still wet and his fingers were deep inside me as i wanked him so he got hard again, he was soon solid, bent me over and fucked me hard and fast, it was such a thrill knowing that anyone could walk down the lane at any moment. G came inside me and we decided to head home. I didnt bother to put my knickers or tights back on and walked the rest of the way home in my very short dress and high heels and a very cheeky smile! We live in quite a busy estate and lots of people still had lights on even though it was after 1am but that didnt stop us by passing our front door and heading into the garden for another quickie! At the side of our shed, the darkest spot, i was back down on my knees sucking and wanking my husband, he pulled me up and got me to lean on the shed as he took me from behind again, we decided to finish inside but before i could unlock the door, he had my dress completely off and had unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the ground so for a few seconds i was outside my well lit door, in full few of the neighbours completely naked apart from my black, very sexy high heels! G said that no one had seen us but one neighbour now wont look me in the eye! We went inside and continued to fuck on and off, very loudly, for the rest of the night, best night out we've had in a long time!!