Written by john 1

31 Aug 2011

My wifes friend asked me if i would fit some new electric sockets in her bedroom. She is in her thirties with short blond hair and really pretty but i had never seen her wearing anything very revealing. When i called round her husband was at work, it was a hot summers afternoon and angela was wearing a very short summer dress and high heels. Her legs were tanned and really shapely. She stood right by me as i worked and smelt fantastic. When i had finished she was sitting on the bed and thanked me she asked me how she could repay me and as she did so she pulled her dress up to show that she was naked underneath.She then got up and grabbed the belt on my trousers pulled me towards the bed and undid it. Now i just could not resist and we were soon naked and she was on her knees working on my cock i pushed her back on the bed and we had the most fantastic sex session and collapsed sweating and exhausted.Angela told me that she had fancied me for ages and that she didnt want to leave her husband but wanted me "on the side" So now we meet whenever we can and enjoy each other as much as possible. Her latest idea is to include her sister in our sessions but she hasnt been able to ask her yet....i cant wait!!