Written by Harry

28 Jun 2010

My wife ‘J’ is 44yrs but is still heavily involved in sport & as a result has got a great athletic physique despite having two children.

Like many of the stories, I am turned on at the thought of a 3 sum (MMF & MFF) but am also worried at risking what I have got. We have talked about it, but for her it’s only ever going to be a fantasy. Sex is regular & getting progressively more daring, which leads me to my story from our recent holiday in Turkey.

The children had gone back to the room leaving the two of us having a drink by the pool ‘J’ wearing a light summer dress. When the evening entertainment kicked off we walked over to watch from the vantage point by the pool & I persuaded her to remove her pants.

From behind I managed to get access to her clit which quickly responded to my caresses so we decided to retire to our room. As soon as the lift doors closed I lifted her dress & got to work with my tongue which only heightened her arousal. Only too quickly we arrived at our floor. As the children were still watching their film we went out onto the balcony to finish off the tongue work bringing her to her first orgasm.

She then freed my now painful hard-on & took me in her mouth using her tongue to great effect. As time was short she bent over the balcony so I could take her doggy, the lovely warm, wet sensation in the night air were felt superb. Unfortunately, the film finished before I could finish the job so had to wait until the children were asleep.

When the coast was clear she sucked me back into life with her juices still evident, then mounted me & rode my furiously with her tits swinging until I exploded with the biggest orgasm I’ve had for a long time.

She may go for a 3 sum one day but it will have to just happen with complete strangers – I live in hope?