Written by beefburger

27 Aug 2008

Sarah, my wife has had a thing for being a bit risque,we have being keeping fit by going on regular bike rides,not around where we live but further a field.We pack up for all weathers and off we go .The place we went to on Saturday was called RUTLAND WATER.The ride is good ,you pass all sorts of people the problem we had ac cured was when Sarah had a puncture .I carried a spare so i got it out and started to take off the back wheel.At that exact moment two guys came round the corner and nearly skidded into us .They stopped and asked if there was anything they cound help us with.Sarahs eyes went straight to their crutches. Lycra.Sarah said\"i hurt my thigh when i got that stupid puncture\".One guy went to have a look at her leg,\"there looks to be a bruise coming up there so i\'ll get a cream from my bag\",he came back with this tube of cream and started to massage it in .Remember i\'m trying to mend the puncture and keep an eye on my wife getting her leg massaged.Sarah has now lifted me bottom off the floor and trying to remove her shorts .The guy who\'s massaging her leg has taken the hint and helped her off with them .The other guy has now joined him at her side,she was saying lycra looks good on men with good bodies and started to stroke their cocks . The guys said \"No we need to take you to our if were to do anything\". They all looked at me for the answer \"Ok back to yours ,not far i hope as the bike not done yet\". \"Ten minute walk\", she was walking fast as she knew what was facing her when she got there. 3 hour\'s later we came out from the flat .She was filmed by me having sex in every postion going ,biking is so much fun....