Written by meandher2007

1 Jul 2013

Hi hope you all enjoy this story i was on a famous social network we all knpw which one and i got asked to become a friend of a person which i did and added her un be known to what was going to happen we got chatting and things and as we talked more we became more attracted too each other and 1 thing lead too another and i decided to drive to where she lived which is about 120 miles away i got to near her house and txt her asking her what she was doing i have never done anything like this before as i have been married for 20 years to my wife and loyal too she txt me back saying dhe just got up and she was going shop so i said oh right which shop she said me local spar and i replied can you get me a can of coke she replied y where r u i said near u she replied no way r you near me and i said yes i am she met me we talked for a few hours and then she said lets go somewhere i said where she drive i will show you where we drove to a place that was quite busy with walkers and bikers she turned to me and started kissing me gently at first and i started too play with her tits she right come on i want your big cock in me so we got out of the car and went in some bushes she sucked me off for a few minuites then she lifted her skirt and said fuck me from behind now so i slid my cock in her slowly and she whimpered oh fuck i cant take all of it and cumm all over my cock and then she spun around and sucked my cock licking all her cum off it she then made me fuck her hard and i made her take all my cock i told her i was about to cum and she replied cum in my mouth i want too taste your spunk which i did i then drove her back home we chatted for a while and i left i still think of her till this day and we stay in touch hopefully she will come and see me next time if she does i will pt it on here hope you like my story thanks for readind meandher