Written by Lucky Guy

20 Feb 2012

Sorry to be so long in continuing this account. I arrived at the hotel, bottle of champagne as my prop as an excuse, the room access key in my pocket. adam had said he would get her to answer the door naked so after negotiating the way in, the receptionist happily smiling and oblivious to the tryst aboput to occur. Up to the room, amid a few other residents, all of whom disappeared into their respective rooms, bit of a pity as i hoped some of liz's nudity might get spied by someone other than me. I knocked on the door, well before my one am due time, but I had the notion that this was not the conclusion of the night.

The room was in low light and the answer to my knock was my wife letting me in and the sight of her naked and Adam laid on the bed similarly nude. The door secured, I followed and greeted adam as Liz rejoined him on the bed. Fortunately my drive had slightly subdued my intensity but I felt it recovering as they lay next to each other, him taking the opportunity to kiss and grope her again.

I took a seat near the TV and began to watch them getting intimate, her cunt being the major recipient of his attentions. His tongue darting in and out of the nicely shaved area. A landing strip of pubic hair, so inviting and excitng, the lips fully shaved and soft, luring his adventurous tongue deep inside as she released more of her juices into his mouth, making a spreading damp patch on the bottom sheet.

I quietly stripped, keen that I did not disturb them, then got my phone and took some pics. Then decided i would use the digital camera Liz had taken for the purpose and set to work recording the scene like a demented David Bailey. I got shots of his cock in her cunt missionary, doggy and with her on top, some of him licking her cunt and of her sucking his generous cock.

The time swept on. the scene became more debauched yet enticing as the sex grew more intense and raunchier. I wished another guy could be servicing her as well as Adam, but knew there was just me and i was saving my spunk for later, after Adam had been reduced to a spent husk after she had got him to come. He was on his second condom, no bareback as he was not vasectomised.

I watched them fucking and she groaned happily as he ground his cock deep inside her, the invasion of her cunt being relentless and erotic. my naked wife taking his cock with relish, her clothes abandoned around the room, next to his, such a superb sight.

After a couple of rests Liz said that he had told her he had never been sucked off. With a grin she looked at me and I suggested she gave him a treat. The condom removed, she began to wank him, the camera recording her gentle yet firm grip as she tugged his foreskin down over his bell end and licked gently as if on a lollipop before licking the tip and then taking his shaft deep in her mouth, getting her head to bob up and down with gentle but persuasive force. As we all knoe, those that have had the glorious feeling of being sucked off, the increased momentum becomes an unstoppable force and soon the volcano of spunk becomes irresistable. It took several mind blowing minutes, but in the end i heard adam make a strangled moan and he flexed violently as she took his spurts down her throat and swallowed the lot. Great girl, a super cock suckker at her best.

Adam was spent completely. the time has marched invisibly on to half past two, after a while of cuddling and sighs of regret, he had to return home to his wife. he dressed reluctantly and thanked us for a great night and thewn kissed her and left the room.

My excitement was rearing its head in the shape of a very strong erection and i held back and asked Liz to tell me all the bits i had missed, which had included a lot more sucking and fucking on both parts after he had stripped her shortly after sending the up skirt shots which had sent me into spirals of excitement some five hours earlier. We finished the night with my cock filling her well fucked cunt before we dressed and left for home, a very contented pair, and Liz with a very sore cunt