Written by markandjaq

13 Nov 2010

Well Ian was quite unsure about what he had seen and heard and i took a while to coax him out of this frame of mind he was in, Paul left us alone and went for a walk.Ian undressed quickly and all of a sudden his inhibitions disappeared and he put his hardening cock into my mouth and played with my clit which was matted in pauls thick cum.

Ian was now very exited and pulled his cock out of my mouth and put ith inside me.He thrusted roughly inside me and then pulled out his cock which was covered in pauls cum.He took hold of my head and gently pushed me down to meet his thick messy cock and i greedily sucked all the cum off it and swallowed it.He repeated this twice more but eventually couldnt control himself and banged me really hard before shooting his own sperm deep inside me.

I was slightly frustrated at the quickness of his coming but was glad we were back to normal at least.He asked a lot of questions about paul and i answered honestly telling him he had to realise that this was a dream come true for me a 46 year old woman with two men half her age, both very handsome with fantastic bodies.

Paul returned about half an hour later and we had both showered and i had a silky dressing gown on and Ian was taking photos of me in various stockings in sexy poses and sending them on to my no doubt horny husband.Paul smiled and said "wow" giving me a long lingering kiss as Ian continued to snap away.Paul pulled away and went in the shower.It was now fairly dark and we sat and discussed what had happened Paul was concerned about Ians reactions earlier and offered to leave us alone, but Ian wouldnt hear of it and said he was fine.

Paul sat next to me on the couch and stroked my white stockinged thigh pushing my dressing gown open and started to nibble on mt right nipple.Ian moved closer and started to do the same with the left on.Wow that turned me on so much as their eager fingers probed and prodded my pussy and bum.Out of the blue Ian said" Im getting the video camera mate, lets fuck this slut and record it to show the lads"

Oh my god it was fantastic, i was taken by them in turns and they passed the camera to each other to record when it was their turn.I was first to cum and paul was close behind.

Ian filmed our faces as we both orgasmed Paul then taking over camera duty as Ian slid his cock into my wet pussy. Ian was an animal fucking me really hard and loudly calling me lots of names,slut,whore etc before he again came inside me.They took me into the main bedroom and i rang mark to tell him what was happening at which point ian took the phone off me and told mark,"we are gonna spit roast your mrs now mark,stay on the phone and you can listen!"

They absolutely used me obviously turned on by the fact my old man was listening to it all.Paul was fucking me from behind as Ian was thrusting his cock into my mouth.Ian was first to come pulling out and shooting all over my face and hair.Paul turned on by this turned me round and added his load to it Ian photographing me with his phone shouting to mark(on the other end of mine) that he was gonna send photos of me now and that he should "toss himself off" when he got them!

I was shattered i cleaned myself up and went to bed, the boys doing likewise.I was woken at about 8am by my two men naked with my breakfast in bed.It looked nice but i never got the chance to eat it as i was again spit roasted(what a fantastic phrase that is!)by my two young lovers.

We later spoke about what we were going to do for the rest of the weekend, sex was pretty high on the agenda i have to say, but we also wanted to go swimming which we did at the local pool.The boys telling me when we got back after a meal out we were going to play spin the bottle which i realised was only going to end one way for me!Final part shortly as my eager husband (who has been reading over my shoulder) needs to use me!