Written by wendy

14 Aug 2016

I where to start I'm now a late 50's female I'm not a stick insect in fact I'm a size 20 with sagging tits and sagging belly I'm just an ordinary house wife and mother, when I met my hubby some 40 yrs ago I did have a nice figure and wear skirts up to my arse but them days are now long gone, just after I met dave we came up with an idea that we write down our fantasies and put the in envelopes and every now and then like birthdays we would try to make them real, for the first few yrs it was great but then the kids came along and it wasn't so easy and they went in a draw somewhere as I say that was 40yrs ago last week was a big birthday for me and hubby had booked a table for a nice meal all the kids flew the nest yrs ago and all live miles away so it was just me and dave, these days I wear normal clothes i.e. sensible tops and skirts I don't do sexy underwear any more cause they don't look nice with you belly hanging over your knickers I wear what dave calls carrot bag knickers lol so back to the night in question we went for the meal and about half way home I was dying for a pee I asked dave to put his foot down a bit as I'm not the type of person to go behind a bush and drop my knickers but he said if he put his foot down to much the bumps would make it worse so by the time we reached home I was nearly pissing myself I told him to let me get inside while he put the car away which he did I ran up stairs and into the loo and boy what a relieve it was, as I came out the loo someone grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth and dragged me in to the bedroom I looked round a there was this fella with a mask on as he pulled me into the bedroom there were 4 other men all with masks on and all naked I was pushed on the bed and the one who grabbed me sat on top of me while the others took and arm and a leg each to hold me down the man sat on me then pushed his hand up my skirt and ripped my knickers off but could not rip the elastic round the waste band with the part he did manage to rip was then pushed in my mouth to stop me from screaming and he got off me striped off and just shoved his cock straight up me and started to fuck me then I started to wonder where dave was as it had took a few minutes for all this to happen and I'm thinking is there someone else holding him down stairs as this guy is fucking me I manage to turn my head to one side and saw dave stood in the doorway stark bollock naked and he mouthed to me enjoy it love I knew then he had set this up the bastard the guy fucking me cum in me then moved to hold 1 of my arms so then that guy had me again he just rammed his cock in me at this time they had only seen the bottom half of me my top half was untouched the guy who had just fucked me told me to open my mouth and I shook my head to say no then dave said she doesn't do sucking and he said you either suck or your arse is mine next time around I was now beginning to think dave did not think this through and was coming unstuck the guy fucking me grabbed my pussy hair and started to pull on it slowly and I knew if I didn't open my mouth he would yank it out so I opened my mouth and for the first time in my life started to suck a cock this carried on until they had all fucked me apart from dave at which time they said I could have a rest as they let me up I turned to dave and shouted what the fuck was going on and why on earth did he think I wanted something like this to happen he looked at me and then passed me an envelope which I opened and you guessed it I had written I wanted to be gang raped I looked at him and said that was over 30yrs ago when I had a good figure not now, then it dawned on me that I still didn't no who had just fucked the life out of me so I said I want to see there faces and they all said I had to strip naked first as up to now they had only seen my pussy dave then said would I like them to strip me I said no its ok so I striped naked and they all removed there masks I didn't no them but dave told me there names and how he knew them four of them were work mates but there was 1 guy who still had his mask on I said who is he as he was the one who grabbed me and fucked me first when he did take the mask off I nearly died of shock as it was my brother in law no not daves brother but my sisters fucking husband and the bastard had always said that 1 day he would get in my knickers and I always said he had no chance as we just don't get on that well they all said thanks for a lovely evening as said they would be off but I said no you don't now I no whats going on I'm going to enjoy it and told them to do what ever they wanted for the rest of the night and that's just what happened I did things I have never dreamed of but boy did I enjoy it.