29 Oct 2016

Like the title, have had this one to tell for a good few months, I have had a couple of stories told on this site, with my wife meeting up with one person from here, and telling how she and him had a great evening of Sex, well a few months ago ,my wife was out for a normal weekend dance and drink with her female friends, they go out every two weeks,They are all married ,with one of her friends having a regular sex session with a black man, she like most women tell my wife about her time with him, how he fucks her slow and for long times, and tells them he has a great cock, anyway on one evening out they all meet up and happened to be in the same bar as Him, and his Friend, She invited them both over to thee table for a drink and talk, has you can imagine after a few drinks every one was well on first name terms, with my wife getting on very well with this other black man, they then go on to a club for a few hours, She will be home most times about 1 O/clock.but this time rolled in later round 2,30, when she came to bed with a cup of tea for both of us, and started telling me all about her night, and how she had meet this man and he wanted her phone number, and then how they had dance ,and she could feel his cock rubbing up her leg, and she said she quite fancied him, So i just told her it was her call, after a few day she told me he had called her and they had a good talk and would i mind her meeting up with him for a drink, these things we have talked about openly for a good few years,both of us being open about our sex lives, no problem there ,it was arranged ,my wife meet up with this man and after a what she few drinks ,they went back to his house for her to have Sex with him, well when she came home what a store she told me , The size of his cock, how many times that he had fucked her, she had loved it and so had he,from him taking her from the side ,from behind , she even said that he had stood in front of her and let her roll his cock up to past his belle button , they are meeting on a regular time span noe, if you want more info let me now,