Written by Mustas

11 Aug 2014


My name is Musta (Dave) for the people on this site, I have been a member for quite a long time and have had several very good meets. Although most of them have been one night stands, they have in the main been memorable - especially as I'm completely submissive.

I have been a bit erratic in my commitment to the site, mainly because I was at the beck and call of a dominant female. Alas she passed away some time ago now and I have been a bit adrift, but at last I feel as if I'm ready to get back in harness.

She introduced me to Gay sex and being cucked (although she wasn't my partner we pretended she was), especially handy when you completely own a sissy. But more importantly to me she introduced me to lingerie and cy play without me having any access to the key, it is now two years since she passed and I feel ready to join the melee again.

I'd love to find a dominant female that was prepared to take charge, but know how lucky I was to be found by Cheryl. Although we had gaps in our relationship, she was always my owner (from when I was teenager). I know what it is to be totally submissive. So if I was lucky enough to find a Master or a Mistress I know I'd be blessed, how blessed - well you'll have to find out. Suffice to say I've been trained as a Maid and as a Naked Butler and have been complemented on my oral skills frequently. I'm also told that I'm usually well dressed when I wear lingerie.

What would I do, mostly anything. I'm a submissive sissy after all, looking to have a dominant person own me. My Mistress Cheryl used to summon me to her home near Bridge of Weir and then to her home (shared) in Linwood, her Landlady had no idea that I was a submissive sissy. Quite ironic really, I had to be naked in the house almost all of the time. But she never had a clue, even when I was naked and she was in the room with us I don't think she noticed - due to the fact that she used substances. The landlady "Liz" was very tasty, I'd love to have had her force my face into her pussy and treat me as her sissy slut. But she never even noticed me, even when I stood in front of her dressed in a full set of pink lingerie which included Bra, Panties, Stockings and Suspenders.

I often wish that Liz had noticed as Cheryl intended and used me for whatever she wanted, but she never did. So now I find myself back on this site looking for a dominant that would like to play.