2 Aug 2016

This is a true account of now I first had sex with an older woman...so enjoy.

At the age of 18, I was a junior manager at a supermarket in Milton Keynes. Part of my duties was manage the evening shift on rotation, supervising a bunch of married women who fill shelves though to 10pm at night. They were great ladies, all good for s laugh, but a particular lass named Sue was simply gorgeous. She was petite with pert breasts, about age 35, amazing blue eyes, married and an outrageous flirt. On many occasion we would be in the stock room and I would be up a ladder getting stock down, and she would run her hands up my legs to my groin. One evening she asked me outright, was I a Virgin - I went very red and said "yes". "Well, se should do something about that she said ...tomorrow ...."

So on the Firday night, we arranged to meet in the car park and I got in her bright yellow Mark 1 Escort....very races, just like her. We drove to a local riverside car park where we stared to kiss. She had a dress which unbuttoned all the way down the front and she just looked me straight in the eyes as she undid the, one at a time.....she was stark naked underneath.

I was a bit slow at coming forward, so she grabbed my neck and pulled her to her breasts and said "suck them for me" Oh my god, it was amazing her nipples went rock hard as she moaned out loud. My hands wandered down between her legs, which she opened...she was soaking. "I want you to fuck me now" ...."get in the back" she said.

We, climbed I to the back and I stripped,off my trousers, she wasted no time.....and went down on me and sucked me to a huge hard on. Then without warning, she stopped, straddled me and eased herself down on to my cock. I remember the heat, intense warmth as she took my full length. " oh my god, you are huge" she said "fuck me...fuck me, oh god yes" ....

In truth, I couldn't move much, but she bucked up and down on me. I couldn't hold back " I am going to cum" I shouted, which just made her go faster. "Fill me with your cum" she shouted, as I unloaded .....wow ...amazing ...she slowed down and kissed me passionately ....climbed off me and sucked me clean........ I remember like it was yesterday and it stated me on a journey where older women was the thing for me. Sue and fucked lots more....but then I discovered my mums hairdresser .... Happy to tell you....next time